Best Breweries In Minneapolis

Beer enthusiasts all over the world are constantly trying to discover new breweries and try new beers. People enjoy going to breweries because of the great beer, the possibility of great music, and the fun atmosphere.

If you enjoy beer and live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, you will appreciate this list of the best breweries in the area.

Minnesota breweries are also a great place to visit as a tourist all year, especially if you enjoy beer. Minnesota currently has over 40 breweries in operation, with more on the way.

The best breweries in the Minneapolis area are listed below. Because this is not a ranking, the order of the breweries does not imply that one is superior to the other.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the best breweries in Minneapolis so you can try them all!

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Surly Brewing Company is first on the list. They have a large selection of Surly beers. They have six beer categories: IPAs, Crushers, Hop forward, Malt forward, Darkness, and Left for the dial.

Each category contains a variety of beer flavors that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. If there’s one thing Surly Brewing Co doesn’t have, it’s beer options.

Do you enjoy German lagers? Pick up a Surly Hell, which is a beer that Surly sells all year and will knock your socks off. Surly Brewing also frequently hosts musicians, some of whom will be quite entertaining while you sip a nice beer.


Indeed Brewing Company is up next. They have a taproom where you can sample all of their beers, but you can also order beer to take home. Indeed Brewing’s Bier club is one of its most interesting features.

The Bier club is a membership that provides members with beer discounts and free Indeed swag. Membership costs $60 per year, but it’s well worth it for all of the cool perks!


Utepils Brewing is one of Minnesota’s best breweries. It has a taproom where you can sit and enjoy their crafted beer in-house. In addition to their great beer selection of over 23 craft brews, they host a variety of fun music-related events throughout the year.

If you are planning a tour of the best Minnesota breweries, make sure to stop by Utepils brewery, especially if you enjoy craft brews!


Pryes brewing is up next. They are located in Minneapolis and have a large selection of beers for you to try. They have 18 different beer flavors on tap that change seasonally, so make sure you try your favorite before you leave.

Pryes not only has a great beer selection, but they also have a delicious food menu. Their pizza selection is truly delectable, and what more could you want other than pizza and craft beer?


Modist Brewing employs a different brewing method than most in the area. They have decided to go beyond traditional brewing standards, allowing them to be more creative with their flavors and the way their beers are crafted.

This is why you should include Modist Brewing Company on your Minnesota brewery tour because you never know what new favorite beer flavor you will discover!

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