Top-Rated Beaches in Croatia

Consider this your sign to book a ticket if you’ve been dreaming of beautiful beaches and thinking of visiting a one-of-a-kind destination. You may come to admire its many islands and jaw-dropping beaches, but there’s much more to discover if you explore Croatia’s lovely cities and attractions. While tourism is still growing in this country, it offers an affordable and scenic getaway. Here are our recommendations for the best beaches in Croatia.

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Want to visit the most beautiful and well-known Croatian beach? Zlatni Rat, here we come. It’s known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn because of its distinctively shaped shoreline and strewn with shiny pebbles. There are numerous restaurants and hotels, as well as umbrellas, day chairs, and other items for rent.

This beach is large enough for families and romantic enough for couples, and it has everything you’re looking for in a beach day in Brac. Look for windsurfers who enjoy the breeze while riding on the Adriatic Sea.


Banje Beach is one of Croatia’s most popular beaches, if only because of its proximity to Dubrovnik. Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize Dubrovnik as the unofficial home of King’s Landing. In addition to its pop culture fame, Dubrovnik has a fascinating old town and ancient city walls, as well as places to swim and spend the day on the beach.

You might even want to base yourself outside of the city center, closer to the waves, and look for a hotel near Banje Beach. Despite being very popular and crowded, it is the closest you can get to Dubrovnik without actually being there.


If you enjoy going to the beach but have sensitive skin, you’ll need to find a beach that offers protection from the sun’s rays. When visiting Croatia, this is the ideal location because it is surrounded by pine trees. The natural shade makes it ideal for those who are sensitive to sunlight or for families with children who require relief from the heat. There are also calm, shallow waters for tiny splashers. Many restaurants open their doors during peak travel season, but be aware that they only operate seasonally.


Consider a beach that can only be reached by following a secret trail. You’ll need a kayak or a water taxi to get to this sea-access-only beach, which is located under a natural cave and is ideal for romantic honeymoon getaways.

You’ll avoid the heat by getting some vitamin D, and if you go early or late in the day, you won’t have to compete with other couples who have the same idea. Consider yourself warned: there isn’t much here—just sand—so bring your own blankets, snacks, and drinks.


The beach has a beautiful, impressive nine-meter waterfall that flows from nearby Mount Biokovo. Con: If you visit Croatia during the off-season, you can admire this natural wonder but not swim in its wake.

Most visitors to Nugal Beach come for one of two reasons: to go hiking and detox on the beach, or to wear their birthday suit. It’s a popular spot for naked bathing due to its location and seclusion within Forest Park Osejava. If you have several days to spend in the sun, make sure to include this beach in your itinerary.

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