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Whether you’re visiting Custer State Park for the first time or returning to revisit a childhood memory, make sure to take a break and take in some of the best sightseeing and scenic drives in the whole country.

One of the remaining truly wild sites to be found in the United States is here. The vast 71,000 acres are covered with enormous granite deposits, creeks, rivers, lakes, and pine forests.

It is definitely something to see. Custer State Park offers a variety of camping options, including everything from RV camping to rough outdoor camping.

Check explore Custer State Park and everything it has to offer, no matter what kind of trip you’re on.

Sylvan Lake

The most stunning crown gem of Custer State Park is Sylvan Lake, and for good reason. Because of its breathtaking surroundings of enormous boulders and wonderful water, this picturesque lake is a favorite for swimming, canoeing, and fishing.

Anyone looking to spend some time outside should visit Sylvan Lake. Go on a trek around the lake or choose to unwind on the sandy beach.

And Sylvan Lake is worth spending a whole weekend at, despite the fact that many people pass by it while driving down the gorgeous Needles Highway. Sylvan Lake should unquestionably be on your travel itinerary because there are so many diverse experiences to enjoy there.

Buffalo Jam

I have the ideal first adventure idea if you’re seeking for things to do in Custer State Park, South Dakota!

Around 1,300 bison reside in Custer State Park, making it the second-largest herd of free-roaming animals in all of the United States. On your journey through, there is a 98 percent probability that you may come across or see a bison.

The Custer State Park Wildlife Loop Route, a 19-mile road that loops through ideal tourist locations in the southeast of the park, offers the best opportunity to witness the amazing beasts.

Hot Air Balloon

Do you want to give your traveling companion a fantastic surprise? Why not hire a hot air balloon for an hour and fly over the Black Hills National Forest?

You will never forget this hot air balloon journey with Black Hill Balloons, which takes place in the southern portion of the Black Hills National Forest and circles above Custer Valley and Custer State Park.

Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Wind Cave National Park, and the Badlands National Park are within a few miles distant. Mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, and prairies will all be seen from your flight.

One of the finest ways to see South Dakota’s most breathtaking areas is by doing this.

Mount Rushmore National Monument

A journey to South Dakota is not complete without seeing the Mount Rushmore National Monument. The monument is surrounded by lovely hiking paths and features 60-foot sculptures of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Since Mount Rushmore is always accessible, there is never a poor time to go. Check out the monument’s night sky program if you want a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience.

Every summer, rangers offer telescope viewing and night sky programs (weather permitting). It’s a unique way to experience Mount Rushmore.