What to see in Gruyere, Switzerland

Gruyeres is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful towns and a perfect destination for travelers looking to enjoy the scenic beauty and must-see attractions. Gruyères is a bustling town in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland and is most well-known for its delicious Gruyeres cheese.

Although most visitors will know this town for its cheesemaking, there are so many other wonderful sights to see and places to explore in this traditional alpine town. It’s situated around an hour away from Montreux and you won’t have far to travel if you’re visiting from one of the bigger cities in Switzerland. The town of Gruyere, Switzerland offers visitors excellent hiking experiences, breathtaking alpine views, and a gorgeously quaint town that features cobbled streets and lots of shopping.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best attractions in Gruyères, Switzerland so that you know exactly what to see in this beautiful town.

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Gruyere town, Switzerland is a beautiful place to explore for the day, filled with beautiful cobbled streets and a number of interesting shops and attractions. It won’t take you long to explore the town as it’s quite small, but it’s an excellent example of a medieval town. Walking the main streets of Gruyères Switzerland won’t take too long at all, around 30 minutes if you’re just passing through. It’s quaint, aesthetically beautiful, and well worth the visit.


Gruyères, Switzerland is home to the stunning Gruyere castle, one of the oldest and most imposing buildings in the area. It’s one of the most popular destinations for visitors in the area and offers striking views of the surrounding alpine countryside. Inside the castle, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of interesting artifacts and architecture from the Middle Ages that have been lovingly preserved over the centuries.

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Originally built in the 13th century, Gruyere castle is a site of national importance and a landmark for the area. You will be able to explore the various halls and rooms found within this castle, which have been immaculately preserved to showcase its original splendor. You can get lost for hours exploring the castle itself and the castle grounds, which are filled with beautiful flower arrangements.

Some of the most beautiful attractions found in Gruyere castle include the pristine stained glass windows that have been preserved since the Middle Ages. There is also a number of beautiful works of art inside the castle, such as landscape paintings from Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot.


Around the world and in Switzerland, Gruyere is most strongly associated with their cheeses, including the namesake Gruyere cheese. It goes without saying that it’s well worth trying the cheeses available from the region because they are some of the best varieties in the world. The best way to enjoy the cheese of Gruyere is to take a trip to the only cheese factory in town, where you can see how the glorious gooey cheese is made.

The cheese factory in Gruyeres, Switzerland provides guided tours that show you exactly how the cheese is made. While on the tour, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of delicious cheeses that have been made in-house, as well as a few other tasty treats like fondue. To get the best experience, try to visit earlier in the day when it’s less busy.


Built-in 1254, the Church of Gruyere is a beautiful architectural marvel that is dedicated to Saint Theodule. You’ll have to travel away from the town center to reach this church, but it’s well worth the short journey. Inside, you’ll be able to view some of the most breathtaking architecture from the Middle Ages, which has been carefully preserved over the centuries.

The church itself consists of three naves that originally connected the church to two other chapels. These chapels were incorporated into the central nave of the church around 300 years ago, but you can still enjoy the original stained glass artwork that was designed by the local artist Yoki.


The HR Giger museum is a true oddity that has to be seen to be believed in Gruyeres. In stark contrast to the old cobbled streets and medieval architecture, the HR Giger museum is a collection of works from the Swiss artist and sculptor HR Giger. Most famous for his works designing the titular alien from the movie ‘Alien’, Giger’s work spans a number of mediums including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and film sets.

Once you’ve explored the alien world that HR Giger created, you can enjoy a refreshing drink at the Giger bar. The bar is themed after the ‘Alien movie and is filled with interesting props, art, and sculptures from the artist himself.


Another excellent museum for you to explore is the Tibet Museum, which features an assortment of striking Himalayan artwork. Situated in the renovated St. Joseph chapel in Gruyere, the Tibet Museum doesn’t take long to walk through but it’s definitely an experience worth doing. Inside, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of beautiful Buddhist artwork including sculptures, paintings, and religious artifacts.

It’s a truly humbling experience to enter this museum and see these beautiful pieces of religious art. It’s also unique because it effortlessly blends traditional Buddhist, Tibetan, and Christian art together under one roof.


Swiss chocolate is some of the best in the world, and Gruyere is no exception to this rule. There’s only one chocolate shop found in Gruyere but the lack of competition hasn’t stopped it from producing some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. Inside, you’ll find a delicious assortment of artisanal chocolates made by professional Swiss chocolatiers. It’s definitely expensive chocolate to purchase, but well worth the experience.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to sign up for one of their workshops that show you exactly how the chocolate-making process works. In the end, you can even make your own chocolate to enjoy by turning raw cacao into beautiful, creamy chocolate.

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