No matter how many trips you’ve taken while single, there’s something special — and beautiful — about traveling with someone you adore. Not only can you finally rest your head on the plane mate next to you, but you now have a partner with whom to explore the most romantic places in the world and — ahem — finally use that “do not disturb” sign.

While happy couples will see the world through rose-colored glasses, there are some places that lend themselves to romance. There are many charming places to consider, from a beach excursion where no shoes or shirts are required (hello, Seychelles) to a city that twinkles under the glow of street lamps (hello, Paris).

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, going on a honeymoon, or simply looking for a romantic getaway for two, use our list of the most romantic places in the world to help you plan your trip.

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When you visit Venice, it is said that you either love or despise the city. But, if you go when you’re feeling butterflies, we’re sure The City of Water will have them swarming.

Even for seasoned travelers, Venice is an entirely new experience because it is the capital of the Veneto region, which is made up of 100 tiny islands. There are few roads but many canals here, so a gondola ride with your main squeeze is a must.

You’ll see nods to the Renaissance era, as well as Gothic landmarks, as you stroll hand-in-hand across romantic bridges (don’t miss the Rialto Bridge, a marvel of engineering), soaking up the undeniably hospitable Italian culture.

Stroll through St. Mark’s Square, where local vendors sell their handcrafted wares. But hold on to your food, because hundreds of pigeons will swarm this area in search of tasty treats.

Scale to the top of the Campanile Bell Tower for an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity. If you’re visiting for a special occasion, take a boat to Murano Island’s glass-blowing region and bring home a souvenir.


Santorini, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations on the planet and one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, may require a long plane ride and a puddle jumper flight, but trust us when we say it is well worth the effort. Blue-domed houses that are so white that they sparkle are a sight to behold, while the azure Aegean Sea beckons travelers in the distance.

This beautiful sea is one of the main reasons that many newlyweds choose Santorini. Aside from cooling even the most overheated travelers, this watery haven offers enthralling pink, orange, and golden sunsets best viewed from the town of Oia. It’s still utterly romantic, but you won’t be the only ones taking in Mother Nature’s spectacular nightly display — Oia is always crowded at sunset, regardless of the season.

Many of Santorini’s boutiques, restaurants, and resorts are built into the jagged cliff sides, providing couples with the opportunity to book a one-of-a-kind private escape for their vacation. Don’t be surprised if you end up on someone’s roof while walking around town.

In addition to walking through narrow — and often steep — streets to catch a glimpse of the iconic white skyline, renting a car is recommended for your trip. Though taxis are available, many couples prefer the independence of exploring the island on their own, allowing them to stop for a photo — or a romp — whenever the mood strikes.

Rent a scooter if you’re feeling more daring. There’s nothing more romantic than clinging to your partner as you drive along the scenic highways.


Bali has something for everyone when it comes to romantic getaways. There’s no shortage of excitement for you and your loved one to enjoy, from elephant experiences in the jungle to trekking through rainforests with a monkey on your back.

This Indonesian superstar is teeming with the lush beauty, including emerald green rice fields, deep, mossy jungles, and white sandy beaches. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, and every turn reveals a view so picturesque that it belongs on a postcard.

Ubud is the place to go if you want to experience an enchanted, jungle-like atmosphere that embodies Bali’s heart and culture. Kuta is the busiest and most touristy part of the island, with locals selling their wares, surfers hanging 10, vibrant restaurants, and a shopping scene. For a more peaceful beach experience, visit Nusa Dua or Jimbaran Bay, which have the best sunsets on the island.

Don’t miss Uluwatu Temple, which is located on Bali’s southernmost tip. The cliff-top views are unrivaled, and the simple yet spectacular temple will captivate you.


There is no need for a passport to visit this romantic destination if you are an American, but you may feel as if you have traveled to another country when you catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s truly remarkable beauty.

While there are dozens of islands to explore, from Oahu to Kauai, Maui is the place to go if you want to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Aside from some dreamy luxury resorts, the varied landscape of this Hawaiian island distinguishes it from its neighbors.

Couples can take a romantic drive down the Hana Highway and explore the Haleakala National Park, which includes the volcano named after it. And, because most amorous vacations necessitate a day at the beach, there are 30 miles of sand to set up shop on.

Make time to fall asleep under the dazzling stars and constellations that illuminate the midnight sky.


It’s nearly impossible to fall out of love while on vacation in Seychelles. This 115-island archipelago sits serenely in the Indian Ocean, about 1,800 kilometers off Africa’s east coast, and is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.

The region’s breathtaking scenery entices visitors to snorkel in the crystal-clear water, trek through the jungle, and climb over dramatic volcanic boulders.

The largest Seychellois island, Mahé, has a plethora of hotels, restaurants, and shopping options for all budgets, but it’s the small, private isles that really bring the romance.

Many of these opulent islands have their own upscale resorts in addition to pristine beaches and water so warm and clear that you could swim and snorkel in it all day.

The Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, for example, occupies a large portion of Silhouette Island, giving guests private access to everything from volcanic beaches to rainforest pathways and jungle treks. The only other people on this isle live in a small, historic fishing village near the main dock.


While images of this one-of-a-kind tropical nation may not appear when you Google “romance,” it is undoubtedly what comes to mind when you fantasize about the picture-perfect honeymoon destination. This luxurious Indian Ocean destination has a one-of-a-kind landscape, with 26 circular micro islands woven together. It’s no surprise that it’s been named one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

Most couples will splurge on the infamous overwater bungalows, which have a large balcony and transparent floors that allow the sea to light up your room.

In addition to some of the world’s most impressive — and beautiful — beaches, snorkeling couples will enjoy exploring reefs and sea life of all shapes and sizes.

Consider spending a day in the capital of Male, where you can watch a local fish market at work and shop for artisan goods on Majeedhee Magu’s main street, for couples who enjoy experiencing local culture as part of their adventure.


Many jet-setters make a point of visiting Thailand’s beach resorts because of the incredible shade of blue water, the low cost of aromatic and flavorful food, and the dreamy beaches.

There are dozens to choose from, with Phuket being one of the most popular, Koh Samui drawing a younger crowd, and Krabi is one of the most romantic. You will be able to unwind in a peaceful, yet beautiful, setting.

Mangroves, limestone formations, boulders, and many other works of Mother Nature can be found in the southern area of the country’s west coast.

You can take a long-tail boat to Railay Beach or go on a snorkeling tour to see the colorful sea creatures. You can splurge on a stay at a five-star resort, which usually includes beach access and a private pool for lounging.


Is a romantic roundup complete without praising the City of Lights? There’s a reason why, as France’s capital, so many couples seek out the atmosphere and energy of this Parisian destination. You’ll be mesmerized by idyllic coffee shops, picture-perfect cobblestone streets, and the scent of freshly-baked everything perfuming the air as you wander around this European city. A collective dreamy sigh is heard.

You can spend your days exploring the many iconic love-filled landmarks, including the infamous Eiffel Tower and the Pont Des Arts bridge outside of Notre Dame. And what about at night? Snuggle up in an AirBNB or dig deep into your wallets for a stay at one of the world’s most luxurious and sophisticated resorts.

If you’re visiting Paris in the spring, summer, or fall, consider renting a bike — complete with a baguette for your basket. In the winter, sneak in a kiss (or three) while touring the many museums with classic and modern themes.


Finding someone with whom you could imagine sharing your life is akin to discovering a diamond in the rough, a four-leaf clover, or, well, seeing a leopard in a tree.

Going on a safari in South Africa is something that everyone wishes to do, and there’s no one better to share the immense wonder of the African bush with than your partner.

Though you can drive through the legendary Kruger National Park, staying at a game lodge in the exemplary Sabi Sands Game Reserve, where many luxury resorts offer couple experiences you never imagined possible, is a more romantic option.

You can start your day with a view of giraffes and zebras at a watering hole and end it with an evening drive in search of the Big 5. You can cuddle in awe of the cascade of stars and constellations that shine above you before returning to your bungalow and marvel at the universe that brought you together.


Nagarkot, located near the Kathmandu Valley, is a popular Nepal tourist destination known for its mesmerizing Himalayan views, including Mount Everest on the north-eastern side. Tourists enjoy visiting this location to enjoy the magnificent sunrise views. This is only a four-hour drive from Kathmandu and is an excellent place to visit in October.

Tourists will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the various mountain ranges at this location. If you are visiting Nepal, watching the sunset from this location is a must-do. When visiting Nepal, it is highly recommended that you watch the sunset from here. This location offers a 4-hour vehicle tour that will provide tourists with a thorough understanding of the area with the assistance of a professional guide. The highlights of the trip include the car arriving at 4 a.m. to pick up the tourists and driving for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to the destination. This is one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal.

If the weather is clear, tourists will be able to watch the sunrise between the Himalayas. The tourists will then be taken to Nagarkot, where they will be able to spend an hour before being dropped off at their hotel. This is the plan that the majority of tourists choose. There is also the option of trekking, where tourists can spend a day walking in the mountains.

This location’s popularity is growing by the day because of how beautiful it is at sunrise. The only issue is that if the weather isn’t clear, visiting this location is a waste of time and money. To see a beautiful sunrise, the sky must be clear. Because of its scenic beauty, Nepal’s tourism department is now heavily promoting this location.

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