A honeymoon may be a chance for a newlywed couple to prompt far away from the hustle and bustle of life, the strain they encountered from planning their marriage, and the limelight they entered from family and musketeers regarding their marriage. It’s a time for the 2 of them to relax and spend some romantic quality and intimate time together during a veritably special position. Having a pleasant day with your mate need not be expensive to be hanging. After all, nothing fresh matters as long as you are together. You can choose from a number of low-budget honeymoon destinations that can give you an unforgettable trip. As you’re getting wedded! And now you get to plan a stupendous honeymoon holiday nearly within the world. These are instigative times in your life, and we’re then to help you propose it. We put together this list of Top 10 Low-budget Honeymoon Destinations around the world that you can visit on your honeymoon, for cheap! These low-budget honeymoon destinations are filled with relaxation, adventure, beautiful spots, and in fact, romantic places for you to spend your first holiday as a marriage.

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Positano, Italy is one among the foremost magical and romantic metropolises on earth. This antique villa sits along the stunning Amalfi Coast in southern Italy and has a number of the foremost notorious and mugged views within the world. The romantic air of Positano is clear right once you arrive. The beautiful views, light-multicolored houses, and pristine strands are calling for suckers to enjoy them.

For times couples have crowded to Positano for his or her honeymoons to enjoy this magical littoral megacity. There are multitudinous effects to try in Positano, and everything is ultra-romantic and can bring you indeed closer as many. The most romantic effects are enjoying a mess alongside a view of the entire megacity beside you and sailing out onto the ocean within the evening to enjoy the evening and watch the city illuminate.

 Positano is understood as a further luxurious honeymoon flight but there are numerous ways to form this stunning destination fit within your budget. You can prefer to dine out on just one occasion each day and cook at your accommodation for the contrary refection. For reference, a mess with drinks in Positano is generally around $30 per person. Still, the cooking event brings that cost WAY down. More so, you will swim on the free sand and leave on a covey boat rather than private ones.

 For accommodation, the lodges within the villa with views over the seacoast are going to be precious. Still, you will find cheaper ones a touch further outside the villa. Despite Positano’s luxurious character, it can still be an excellent budget honeymoon destination if you propose and execute the flight right. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to Italy and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Positano is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


When looking for the voguish budget honeymoon destinations, numerous people look towards islets in the Caribbean. Be sure to feature Cartagena in Colombia on the list. Maybe indeed the top of your list! With numerous strands and islets you can visit, Cartagena, which is located on Colombia’s north seacoast, makes for the perfect place for those looking to have a romantic caper in the sand.

If you were wondering when the voguish time to visit Colombia is you can rest easy knowing that Cartagena has sun all time round. The high season is March through August, so that’s when the strands and taverns will be almost full, still Cartagena is beautiful all time.

It’s said that Old Town Cartagena is one of the most romantic megalopolises in Latin America and has some of the finest dining venues in Colombia. As for taverns, you can anticipate finding a colonizer-style exchange hostel similar to Casa India Catalina from just$ 50 per night with a private swimming pool. Talk about a romantic budget honeymoon.

For a quiet and comforting honeymoon, the idea is to take in the charm of the old megacity on the bottom during the day, and if you fancy it, take a steed and carriage lift around the walled megacity in the evening. There are cornucopias of exchange shops for chancing the perfect innovator gift to surprise your newlywed. After that, what might be better than a scoop of Gelato after each day of walking?

 All by each, Cartagena makes for a great budget honeymoon destination. You’ll be suitable to maneuver the megacity and embrace all that it has to offer, utmost of which can be endured without spending a penny. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to Colombia and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Cartegena is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


One of the stylish destinations for a honeymoon on a budget is Turks and Caicos. Its gorgeous white beach strands and turquoise waters are the perfect backgrounds for love. Located in the Caribbean Sea, honeymooners can enjoy warm rainfall and water all time long.  Conditioning on the water is the most popular effects to do in Turks and Caicos, for good reason! The islet chain is known for its diving and snorkeling. For budget trippers, bring your own snorkel gear from home rather than reserving a snorkel stint. Bight Beach and the Sand at Smith’s Reef are both great spots to snorkel the reef, right off the reinforcement, and you can go for free.

Other popular island conditioning includes going to the Thursday Night Fish Fry. There’s live music, an artisan request, and a great way to taste the flavors of the islet. For further adventure, take a kiteboarding assignment on Long Bay Beach or rent kayaks on Chalk Sound.

 Honeymooners will save big by choosing a holiday rental property rather than a hostel. The hospices on the islet are incredibly precious and budget trippers can save hundreds (or indeed thousands) by renting a small condo or guest house.

 For stylish budget-friendly food choices, choose chaffs off the sand. Chaffs with a view charge a decoration, and there’s a plenitude of succulent chaff off the oceanfront. It’s the difference in a $30 mess for two or $100 (or further). Catch the evening view on the sand before regale; also snare a bite to eat subsequently.

Honeymooning in Turks and Caicos is a rubberneck’s dream. It’s just a perk that you can do it on a budget, too. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to Turk’s and Caicos and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Turks and Caicos is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


Crystal clear strands, refreshing drinks, and mesmerizing geographies, Rio de Janeiro is by far one of the topmost budget honeymoon destinations in the world.

From north to south, Rio has unique neighborhoods filled with instigative venues and effects to do. While Panamá is my favorite area (and one of the stylish places to stay in Rio), Santa Teresa and Lapa offers live samba performances and lots of road art.

The stinky bars offering the public blend caipirinha are just the morning of the fun. Then, the megacity geography mixes so impeccably with the girding nature that it’s delicate not to be impressed. When you look down from either Sugarloaf Mountain or the Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer Statue), you marvel submissively at the megacity below. It’s absurdly beautiful.

Dispensable to say, Rio is filled with romantic spots to watch the evening. Newlyweds can also go for a romantic perambulation holding hands along the lovely malls, and enjoy some drinks together in this lively city. While you can find affordable accommodation in the megacity, as well as a plenitude of budget eating venues, Rio can be as precious as you can imagine.

Thus, it’s essential you plan and bespeak your honeymoon in advance. When you do that, you can find accommodation (occasionally with ocean view) for as little as$ 50 per day. As for eating out, you can fluently spend$ 10-15 on a heavy mess that will keep you full for hours.

Beyond that, Rio is filled with free conditioning and effects to do. For case, you can go hiking in the Tijuca National Park, watch the megacity from the Chinese View Lookout, hit the odd Prainha Beach, or simply sunbathe in Ipanema.

So sit on the sand with your significant other while belting caipirinha and watching the locals in their diurnal routine. It’s a pleasurable experience. This megacity has everything to make your budget honeymoon remarkable. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to Brazil and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Rio de Janeiro is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


Still, consider reserving a flight to Coron, If you’re looking for a great place for a honeymoon. Coron is a laid-back city in Palawan, Philippines. Analogous to El Nido, it features strands and lagoons girdled by karst monuments. It also has snorkeling & diving spots.

As a couple, duty a boat to visit fantastic spots similar as Kayangan Lake where you can take prints of the notorious Coron Bay or Barracuda Lake, syncope, kayak, and precipice dive. There are great diving package options to spots similar to Coral Garden, which features some of the stylish marine life in the area. However, rent a private boat to take you to a pressed sand, If you want quiet autumn. Relax in Mainit Hot Spring, a natural hot spring that uses water from a stormy source. Or just enjoy satiation in one of the sand resorts in the city!

It’s possible to try a budget trip to Coron. Make sure to bespeak ahead of time to get apartments as cheap as $13-$23 per night including breakfast. Joiner tenures for whole-day islet hopping cost $17-$23 including a luxurious buffet lunch and private boat rent for a day costs around $40 depending on your dealing chops. Cheap food brings $2. You and your partner can live like lords and queens in Coron, and not break the bank.

Overall, Coron is one of the foremost beautiful places you’ll visit for your honeymoon. It offers colorful conditioning for couples, different lodgment including budget hospices and resorts, and incipiently reasonable rates for budget-conscious trippers. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to the Philippines and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Coron is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


With its close contiguity to both Tulum and Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is in the proper position for a honeymoon on a budget. Playa Del Carmen features several amazing beaches and has easy ferry connections to Cozumel, you’ll be suitable to relax, adventure, and sate in time together each in Playa del Carmen.

 There is an abundance of exertion in this area, we spent the day snorkeling within the coral reefs of Cozumel, a demand do during a short time in Playa Del Carmen. Other exertion includes the Caret Parks and Rio Secreto. But an easy beach day is my pleasure due to spending a day in Playa Del Carmen!

 There are multitudinous excursion options available from Playa Del Carmen. Popular tours include Chichen Itza or the Coba Ruins and Tulum. Visiting an ancient Mayan ruin during a short time in Playa Del Carmen could indeed be a must. It’s outstanding due to study the area’s history and also about the locals. You will bespeak tours online or just book at one among the colorful road alcoves where you’d possibly be suitable to trade a way better price.

The shopping and food in Playa Del Carmen are great if you’re visiting on a budget. Utmost canteens along 5th Avenue will have nightly deals so you will cover around for your voguish option. The beachfront canteens offer the sort of voguish Mexican food I’ve ever tried. Try Indigo Beach Club for his or her fish tacos and Fusion Beach Bar for budget-friendly combinations and therefore the foremost amazing Calamari and Quesadillas.

 There is an abundance of beachfront parcels in Playa Del Carmen that bring slightly of these in Cancun. The Playa Triumphs Beach Hotel could indeed be an exchange hotel with beach access directly from your bedroom. The hotel features a little pool also as a free transnational breakfast every morning that gets brought on to your room. The sundecks feature a table and speakers and a hammock, making it the right place to retain breakfast while listening to the ocean swells. Take a reasonable honeymoon to Mexico and do a honeymoon on a coffee budget. Playa Del Carmen could indeed be a reasonable honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning gloamings


Madeira, Portugal, could indeed be a superb destination to spend your honeymoon on a low budget. Madeira is an archipelago within the Atlantic comprising 4 islands off the northwest seacoast of Africa. Its position, more or less before Morocco, explains Madeira’s mild temperature all time around the downfall is generally good in Madeira!

Substantially, prices in Portugal are slightly cheaper than in other countries in Europe. also, Madeira benefits from a special duty status in Portugal so prices are indeed cheaper than on the ecru mainland. This suggests that honeymooners on a budget can add some extras (or further comfort) to their trip without spending that much.

There are numerous cool goods to shoulder in Madeira, from a comforting stay during a stunning hostel by the sand with a private swimming bath to sightseeing in Funchal (the capital). Hiking the island’s tinderboxes is an adventure, and you will walk along the Nevadas, the irrigation channels unique to the island. People visiting Madeira from April to October also can spot sort of the 20 species of dolphins and mammoths around the island, and it’s truly easy to jump on a Goliath watching stint from the capital or the foremost littoral megalopolises.

Eventually, don’t miss the island’s culinary specialties, where fish is present in numerous dishes. However, also it’s heaven if you’ll pair them with Vinho Verde (reworded as green wine) or a fresh original beer. Take a reasonable honeymoon to Portugal and do a honeymoon on a coffee budget. Madeira could indeed be a reasonable honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings


The Garden Route in South Africa, with its pristine sandy beaches, lush green forest, pretty coastal towns, and breathtaking lookout points may be a perfect place for a honeymoon and a romantic getaway. Traveling in South Africa you’ll expect high-quality food, accommodation, and services for excellent prices thanks to really favorable currency exchange for several countries.

The Garden Route may be a perfect place for a honeymoon and a romantic getaway for outdoor, nature, and beach lovers with tons to ascertain and to try. The route was formally initiated in Mossel Bay and finishes in Storms River with a total distance of 300 km. Packed with unreal beaches, forests, and adventure this is often a tremendous self-drive road trip. Here may be a list of what don’t miss on the Garden Route: Mossel Bay, Cango Caves, Wilderness, Sedge field, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and Storms River Park.

For adventurous couples, there are many outdoor activities within the area, from skydiving in Mossel Bay to snorkeling with the seals in Plettenberg Bay. You can go bungee jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge (the highest bungee bridge within the world) and kayaking through the stunning canyons. To get the guts rate up there are some spectacular scenic multi-day hikes and delightful day walks in National Parks on the route.

The Otter Trail is the most famous hike in South Africa, it’s considered to be one of the best hikes within the world, past unspoiled beaches, dramatic cliffs, and evergreen forest. More trails with incredible views are the St.Blaize Trail, Robberg Nature Reserve trail, and therefore the Outeniqua Trail.

There are several game lodges on the Garden Route where you’ll combine relaxing during a luxury spa, fine dining, staying during a beautiful bungalow with spotting lions, elephants, and the rest of the large 5 on game drives.

The Garden Route has an abundance of beautiful beaches. The utmost romantic beach places to stay are in the small town of Sedge field, where there are long white sand beaches with not many people. Noetzie beach near Knysna is stunning also. These are two Lilliputian ‘off the beaten track’ settlements with stunning accommodation options perfect for a romantic beach escape. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to South Africa and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Garden Route is a cheap honeymoon destination full of romance, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning sunsets


Prague is easily one of the most beautiful and utmost romantic metropolises in Europe. It boasts one of the most stunning cityscapes you’ll ever see, the skyline remaining nearly unchanged for nearly three hundred times. Its surname is the City of a Hundred Belts, and there is a cornucopia of pates, halls, and statues making up that amazing skyline.

 Prague is a fairly small municipality, with multitudinous of traditional sights clustered around the Old Town and Lesser Town on either side of the sluice. These are linked by the most popular Prague attraction, the Charles Bridge. It’s a 14th-century monument arched ground lined with statues added in the 17th century. Still, avoid visiting during the day and visit before daylight or after dark, when it’s at its quietest and most romantic If you want to enjoy it at its swish.

 The variety and array of Prague architecture are stunning. The expressways of the Lesser Town, climbing to Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral, are among the most beautiful in the municipality. Nerudova is the main route over there, leading to the Castle and branching off to the Strahov Monastery and its implausible Baroque library and church.

Prague Old Town Square is one of the most beautiful in the world, dominated by the fairytale Gothic belts of the church of Our Lady Before Tyn. The Castle Hill (Hradcany) area is a great place to stay as it’s less crowded at the end of the day, and the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) area is also a better chance than the Old Town, where prices are at their steepest.

 A mess for two tends to work out around$ 30, including some superb Czech beer. Prices have risen extensively over time, but that’s one commodity that remains fairly affordable in Prague. Take an inexpensive honeymoon to zech republic and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Prague is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning gloamings


Located on the northmost island of the Chumphon Archipelago in Thailand sits the beautiful Koh Tao. Koh Tao is the perfect honeymoon destination if you’re looking for an abundance of strands, scenic natural cautions, and a little bit of adventure. It’s also an affordable flight!

 Koh Tao is little in size, making it super easy to navigate. We encourage renting a motorcycle to explore the island. This generally costs under $10 a day.

 Because Koh Tao is similar to a beautiful destination, sightseeing and exploring its strands are some of the voguish goods to do (and they don’t bring a thing)! We encourage visiting Koh Nang Yuan Island and Sairee Beach for sure. Also, hike up to Mango Bay Standpoint for a magical, romantic view for the evening.

The island is also known for scuba diving, as it’s one of the most popular places in the world to learn how to dive. However, don’t miss out on exploring the various reefs and marine life the island has to offer if you’re a couple up for a little adventure.

 We largely encourage staying at the Sai Daeng Resort, located on the southeastern promontory of Koh Tao. Also, the prices vary rested on what room you pick. You can find rates as low as $60 a night or can spend a little further for commodities like the honeymoon hall. We absolutely loved the hall! Take an inexpensive honeymoon to Thailand and do a honeymoon on a low budget. Koh Tao is a cheap honeymoon destination full of love, beautiful views, tropical waters, and stunning evenings.

 The world is your oyster! Your honeymoon is the trip of a continuance, how constantly do you get to celebrate your recently formed relationship status with the love of your life. There are amazing honeymoon destinations each around the world, just staying for you to explore. You’ll no doubt choose an amazingly low-budget honeymoon destination, and you’ll have the trip of your life with your new mate. We artlessly hope you enjoy your trip and have a long and happy marriage.

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