Things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia

When you’re on a holiday in a brand new place, you want to make sure that you’re taking in the best of your location. After all, going on holiday is the perfect opportunity to see the world and experience things that are entirely new to you, something that you can only do when you know the best places to be. This is especially true in the beautiful city of Bratislava in Slovakia. Find out more about the best things to do in Bratislava and some of the best ways to make the most of your holiday in Bratislava.

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As with the majority of countries in Eastern Europe, Slovakia has a wealthy and storied history. There is no better way to see this history than spending time in the Old Town. Filled with noble palaces and charming little lanes between the towering buildings, the Old Town is a throwback to the city’s heritage as a part of Hungary centuries ago. Whether you have an interest in learning about the finer details of the city’s history, or you’d rather delve into artisan shops offering tailor-made goods, the Old Town is the perfect destination to experience the best of what Slovakia has to offer.


Whilst many tourist attractions draw the eye immediately and are a key part of a city’s attempts to leap forward into the modern era, Kapitulska Street is significantly different. Just a few blocks from the center of the Old Town, Kapitulska Street is a blast from the past. With medieval buildings on both times, including some with clear signs of wear and tear, this is one of the most authentic looks at the medieval era in Europe. For those with a real interest in the history of the world around them, Kapitulska Street is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on.


As with all of the best capital cities in Europe, a castle is absolutely necessary. After all, the capital city is the final point of capitulation in an invasion, so protecting it at all costs is key. Bratislava isn’t an exception to this rule. Initially built in the 9th century and expanded, renovated, and repaired in the twelve centuries since, Bratislava Castle has been controlled by four different countries at different points, dealing with an almost complete rebuild and a significant fire. To learn the history of this storied city, the castle is a great starting point.


Whilst Bratislava is a testament to how society cares for, restores, and protects its history, Devin Castle is quite the opposite. Sat on the frontier between Austria and Slovakia, Devin Castle is currently a ruin. One of the major victims of the Napoleonic Wars, the entire structure was blown up in 1809. It currently stands as a monument to Slovakian history, sitting on a cliffside as a reminder of the storied history of Czechoslovakia. From Great Moravia to Nazi Germany, a trip to Devin Castle is a great insight into the history of war and conflict across Europe.


Although a rather broad point to look out for, the many statues of Bratislava are a fascinating look at the art of the city. With the “Man at Work” poking his head out of a manhole, “Napoleon’s Army Soldier” leaning up against a bench, and even Hans Christian Anderson relaxing with a snail, there are many different statues littered throughout the city. Spending an afternoon finding as many as you can and taking advantage of the photo opportunities is a fun way to add an extra little challenge to your wander through the beautiful streets of Bratislava.


When looking at what to do in Bratislava, of course, whilst the history, culture, and art of a city are all important, sometimes you want to kick back and relax by doing a little bit of shopping. That’s why taking a trip to the Eurovea Galleria is an important part of spending time in Bratislava. With a beautiful tessellated roof and incredible decorations all year round, the Galleria has plenty of shops from high-end boutique stores to more budget options. No matter what you’re looking out for in your shopping trip, spend a bit of time in Eurovea Galleria and treat yourself.


The twentieth century saw much of Easter Europe pockmarked by war and conflict, and many cities have memorials to this part of their part. One of the more potent memorials in Slovakia is Salvin, in Bratislava. This is a monument to the Russian soldiers that lost their lives liberating Slovakia from its occupation and is a large statue standing in the middle of a park. This is the perfect location for someone seeking a few moments of quiet and contemplation on their trip to Slovakia. The monument is especially beautiful in the winter, with beautiful and tranquil views over the snow-topped city.


Perched on the banks of the Danube, this is a must-do in Bratislava for anyone seeking culture on their holidays. Featuring an incredibly thought-provoking collection of contemporary art, this art museum ranks highly on any list of things to do in Bratislava. In addition to the extensive permanent collection, this museum features a rotation of temporary exhibitions and galleries. Even if you’ve completed the best artistic sightseeing Bratislava has to offer in the past, this museum is the perfect location for repeat visits when you’re looking to spend a relaxing afternoon.


When you’re on the hunt for Bratislava things to do, there is an excellent opportunity in forging your own path. You can read all the guides and information you like, but one of the biggest must-do in Bratislava opportunities is spending time exploring independently. Things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia, pop up out of nowhere, and everyone has their own tastes. Travel around the city on your own and find out what best suits you. You’ll find the perfectly tailored holiday that suits everyone at your party.

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