The best hikes in Sedona AZ

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, then Sedona in the Northern region of Arizona should definitely be somewhere for you to explore. There are a plethora of incredible Sedona hiking trails for you to explore, with some of the country’s most iconic and stunning landscapes.

Hikes in Sedona provide hikers with a spectrum of trails to choose from, ranging in difficulty from novice to expert. Those that are new to hiking can enjoy the beginner trails that are easily accessible and dotted with famous rock formations. For those of us with a more adventurous hiking spirit, Sedona offers challenging hikes that include canyons, long-distance trails and scenic beauty like nowhere else.

Before we explore some of the best hikes in Sedona, AZ, it’s worth mentioning that the area has grown in popularity over the years. As a result of this, the most popular hiking trails can get quite busy during peak periods. So to avoid the traffic, try to get to your hiking destination as early as possible – or if you’re fancying a night under the stars, camp out!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best hikes in Sedona to help you explore the true scenic beauty of the area.

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Hiking in Sedona provides you with some of the most beautiful scenery Arizona has to offer, and Oak Creek Canyon is a prime example of this. Situated in the Coconino National Forest, the hike takes you through lush pine groves, wildflowers and the quintessential Arizona red rocks. When things get a little too hot, you can even take a dip in some of the natural bodies of water that are dotted around the area.

The Oak Creek Canyon trail is one of Sedona’s best hikes and it’s quite a distance, too. You can expect this scenic hike to span around 6 miles there and back. It is arguably the best canyon hike Sedona has to offer. If you’ve got your car with you, you might want to take a detour to the equally beautiful Slide Rock State Park, which features a natural water slide!


When hiking in Sedona AZ, you’ve got a lot of options for beginner hikers. Snoopy Rock is a prime example of this, featuring a beautiful 2-mile loop trail that’s perfect for those just starting out their hiking journey. This is one of the best Sedona hikes for individuals with limited mobility because it’s flat, well signposted and easy to navigate. It’s worth noting that there is little shade, though, so just like any other Sedona hike, it’s worth going in prepared with water and sun protection.


One of the best hikes Sedona has to offer is the 3.5-mile Cathedral Rock hike. It’s arguably the most iconic rock feature in Sedona, and with good reason. The hike to Cathedral Rock is relatively easy but ramps up in difficulty as you climb. It should be achievable for almost all hikers, even beginners, but it can get a little tough on the incline.

You can reach Cathedral Rock in about an hour and a half if you keep a good pace, and upon reaching the summit you’ll be able to enjoy the sprawling panoramic views from above. If you can, aim for a sunrise or sunset hike to keep temperatures down and enjoy a sun-soaked view of the landscape.

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If you’re a seasoned hiker with a tight schedule, Doe Mountain is a contender for one of the best hiking trails in Sedona. The one and a half mile stretch are perfect for an early morning hike and you get to enjoy the natural splendour of the region along the way. Just be careful as there are numerous cacti dotted around the area, waiting to spike you. It won’t take you too long, but it does get quite busy during peak hours so go early to beat the afternoon traffic.


As far as the best trails in Sedona go, you’d be hard-pressed to look past Devil’s Bridge. This two-mile looping trail is ideal for hikers but also suits off-roading if you fancy that. It’s an iconic hike to experience that culminates in the Devil’s Bridge rock monument. As it’s arguably the best hike in Sedona, you can expect it to get quite busy, particularly around Devil’s Bridge itself. The best time to attempt this trail varies depending on the season, so if you’re unsure it’s best to speak to a local guide


If you’re looking for a little bit of tranquillity, Peace Park is probably the most peaceful hiking in Sedona Arizona. Peace Park is home to Amitabha Stupa, which is a site of meditation and a Buddhist retreat. It’s an easy hike, with little to no incline, so it’s perfect for a peaceful walk in nature. Be warned, though, that shade is hard to come by so come prepared!


Starting from the Broken Air trailhead, Chicken Point is a very popular spot for hiking Sedona AZ. If you don’t fancy the walk, you can enjoy a Jeep tour that takes you straight to the summit. It can be a difficult hike in, so it might not be a bad option if you just want a relaxing day out. If you do fancy the hike, though, you can experience verdant scenery blended with the red rock that is scattered throughout the region.

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