Romantic long weekend getaways for couples UK

For a romantic holiday, lovebirds do not need to fly to cities like Paris. There are so many gorgeous spots in the UK that are ideal for weekend getaways with your significant other. There’s also the benefit of not having to worry about missing flights or forgetting your money! There’s something for every couple, from quaint villages right out of a fairytale to bustling metropolis full of adrenaline, beautiful rolling countryside to stunning sandy beaches.

The United Kingdom, as one of the world’s best holiday destinations, offers plenty of fun activities for couples. Couples are blessed for choice when it comes to weekend getaways, whether the kids have grown up or are no longer a problem.

Intimate countryside retreats, bustling city escapes, beautiful country manor hotels, and crumbling castles abound in Britain. So there are lots of options for you and your partner to get away from it all!

Spending time together in the country’s larger towns and cities may also be immensely beneficial for culture enthusiasts. Edinburgh, the traditional Scottish capital, and London, the English metropolis, are two favorites. Both provide excellent lodging for couples, as well as a wealth of cultural activities (including some of the world’s best art galleries and museums) as well as excellent food and entertainment.

With our list of the best weekend holidays in the UK for couples, you can find the most romantic spots to visit.

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The Lake District is ideal for a romantic getaway for two. Wordsworth, as well as many other Romantic poets, were influenced by these settings. It’s also home to the world’s third most romantic hotel!

This quintessentially British location lends itself brilliantly to romance, with some of Britain’s best scenery and most stunning views, as well as attractive villages, gorgeous hotels, and some of the best food in the country. Rent a cozy log cabin or stay in a luxury boutique hotel, go on long walks in the countryside, and end each day by cuddling up by the fire. Bliss!


Scotland also has its own lake district, which includes the magnificent Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond, called “The Queen of Scottish Lakes” by novelist Walter Scott, is a short 30-minute drive from Glasgow and offers a plethora of romantic activities.

Outdoor enthusiasts go to the lake not only for the excellent fishing (the lake’s trout and salmon are frequently featured on menus at the region’s top restaurants), but also for the hiking and mountain biking opportunities. The most beautiful routes are found along the Western Highland Way and in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. On Ben Lomond, rock climbing as well as water activities like as kayaking are popular.


Edinburgh, while being the political and cultural center of Scotland, nonetheless feels like a throwback. While meandering through historic Old Town’s small, cobblestone alleyways, centuries-old bookstores and townhouses once home to the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Alexander Fleming, and the towering hilltop castle, you could forget what era you’re in. New Town, with its Georgian architecture, attractive squares, and contemporary boutiques, is close by and has its own appeal.

Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit for a romantic getaway. The capital has some fantastic hotels and world-class restaurants, as well as a wide range of fascinating sights that will help romance blossom. The Royal Mile is an excellent area for a date because of its cobblestone walkways and small alleyways.

You may take a romantic stroll with your significant other at Stockbridge’s lovely St Bernard’s Well. The Well is a favorite spot for individuals to propose, and there are many of wonderful taverns and restaurants around for a romantic supper. Craigmillar Castle’s ruins are definitely worth visiting, and the grounds are ideal for a romantic picnic. A champagne afternoon tea in the Palace of Holyroodhouse would be an even more sumptuous regal treat! Take one of the many ghost tours, such as the popular Mercat Tours, for a lighter look at Edinburgh’s history and perhaps a fright.

Whatever romantic activity you choose, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by Edinburgh’s allure and stoke the flames of passion with a special someone.


The Jurassic Coast in Dorset is arguably one of the most romantic areas in the UK. This piece of coast is well-known for its 185 million years of history. It’s rich in geological wonders – and, more significantly, it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

The Jurassic Coast offers a wide range of walks, scenery, and lovely towns and villages for happy couples to visit. We’ve hand-picked 8 of our most romantic spots where you can cuddle up with your loved one while admiring our wonderful World Heritage Site.

This section of England is ideal for a romantic break, with long coast walks, charming country pubs, picturesque villages, and dozens of stunning beaches. Rent a charming stone home or glamp in a luxurious yurt or rustic log cabin to set the tone.


If you’re an outdoorsy pair, a trek across the open hills with no one else in sight could be your idea of romance. Indeed, the Peak District in England’s Midlands has served as the setting for numerous Pride and Prejudice adaptations.

Spend your days at Stanage Edge or Monsal Head admiring the scenery. You might also picnic at Chatsworth House like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy did. You could also want to add a lock on Bakewell’s Lovelock Bridge to express your love.

The dark night skies of the Peak District, on the other hand, provide the ideal conditions for stargazing. Head to Surprise View, near Hathersage, with a bottle of wine and some blankets.


If you’re looking for the ideal couple’s getaway, the English Channel Islands should be at the top of your list. Despite being closer to France than England, the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, and Herm (in descending order of size) are surprisingly simple to reach from the mainland, with regular flights from London and ferries from Portsmouth (not to mention from France).

While it may be tempting to stay in Jersey for the whole of your trip, you would be missing out on some very wonderful sights. While this will require you to stay longer than a two-day weekend (spread it out over a bank holiday weekend), an extra night or two will allow you to tour the beautiful island of Guernsey.

After that, you may board a locally operated boat for a quick tour to Alderney or Sark, both of which are great to walk around.


Brighton has long been recognized as a romantic getaway for couples seeking a “quiet,” no-frills weekend away from inquisitive parents and crying children. In recent decades, this charming seaside resort town on the English Channel has cleaned up its act, with gentrification bringing a new reputation as a stylish destination for a romantic getaway. It’s a picture-perfect environment, with a gorgeous old pier, a lovely promenade, and enough of beachfront (it’s five miles long) to relax and enjoy.

In addition to walking along the shoreline, take some time to explore the town center and its surrounding areas. Regency-era terraced residences, plenty of fantastic shopping along the famed Lanes pedestrian area, and plenty of great culinary options, from informal eateries to fine-dining restaurants, will be your reward.

The exceedingly exquisite Royal Pavilion, built as a summer house for King George IV and now containing collections of antique furniture and related items, is one of Brighton’s top attractions and well worth spending time visiting.


Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spires, is Oxfordshire’s cultural hub, and there are lots of tourist attractions to enjoy on days out. The everlasting splendor of this metropolis will always dominate the county, with its honey-colored stone architecture, fine lawns, and prominent colleges.

Oxford is a charming little town that is home to the famed Oxford University. You may either wander around at your leisure, take the hop-on-hop-off bus, or simply cycle around to get a feel for the town. Oxford University also offers a few tours that give visitors a taste of the Victorian town.

There are numerous lanes in Oxford. The maze of these cobblestone roads can provide an excellent dose of Victorian ambiance. While visiting Oxford, be sure to stop into The Alchemist, which is recognized for its Sushi. The Isis River, another name for the Thames, offers some stunning vistas around sunset. As the river is bathed in warm sunlight and the sky turns orange, the entire atmosphere might become lovely.


A stay in a private Cotswolds cottage is the ideal romantic escape because the Cotswolds area is full of charming villages surrounded by natural beauty. Between the villages of Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter, take a romantic stroll hand in hand. (Vegetarian and vegan travelers can rest easy; the word “slaughter” in Old English simply means “marsh” or “wetland.”)

There are plenty of romantic things to do in the Cotswolds, and there’s no better setting for it than the rolling hills and magnificent rural views; it’s the ideal spot for a couple’s weekend away.

We’ve lived within driving distance of the Cotswolds for a number of years now, so we’ve pretty much covered all of the date nights and day trips available, and we honestly believe the following are well worth including in any romantic getaway plan!


Canterbury, situated on the River Stour in Kent, is a lovely, medieval city. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its majestic cathedral is well-known. Canterbury has a romantic ambiance thanks to its cobblestone lanes, local shops, and old walls with magnificent views. Canterbury has a lot of boutique hotels, which makes it ideal for couples.

Punting on the river is a popular pastime in the city. Relax on a traditional boat and let someone gently carry you down the river for a great afternoon activity. Punting is not only unique, but it’s also quite romantic, as it takes you along a tiny river past lush gardens and charming bridges.


It doesn’t take much imagination to come up with exciting things for couples to do in London, thanks to its enormous size. In reality, given the city’s limitless tourist options, both couples may find something to their liking, whether it’s world-class theater (check out the West End), musical concerts (check out the schedule at the historic Albert Hall), or museums and art galleries (the splendid Victoria and Albert Museum, or V&A).

Those who prefer to stroll can also be accommodated. London is extremely easy to navigate on foot, and where longer distances are required – such as from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Greenwich – there is no shortage of public transportation to get you close enough to significant areas of interest to allow for a delightful stroll.

Other popular strolls include the South Bank, a famous cultural destination with an excellent classical music program, followed by a crossing of the Thames through the beautiful Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. In fact, if you time your walk just, you might even catch a glimpse of the sun setting behind the bridge. Another popular promenade takes in the world-famous Regent Street, which is known for its high-end luxury shopping and beautiful architecture.


Another fantastic destination for couples, particularly adventurous couples, is Wales. The Brecon Beacons in south Wales are one of the best destinations for couples to explore, and it’s easy to get to from major cities like London and Cardiff. You’ll never run out of things to do in this hiker’s paradise, from hiking and biking to camping and even stargazing.

It’s simple to get out into the hills and begin walking along with one of the many well-marked routes. The stunning Four Falls hike is one of the most popular, taking in the park’s most scenic waterfalls: Cwm Porth, Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd y Pannwr, and the Sgwd yr Eira falls, as the name suggests (this fun hike can take upwards of four hours).

The 90-foot Henry Falls is another interesting waterfall to visit. The tallest falls in the country. It’s a relatively straightforward hike that even people with modest stamina can enjoy.


Bath, the most appealing of the UK’s many minor towns, is the ideal weekend getaway for couples who appreciate being pampered. In reality, the city has been providing travelers with a place to soak their tired bodies for nearly 2,000 years, since the first Brits realized the medicinal properties of the hot springs, which still burst at an astonishing 275,000 gallons per day, endless centuries later. But it was the Romans who built the first structures here, including the magnificent Roman Baths, which have remained essentially untouched since the first guests came from far and wide to soak in the healing waters.

The best aspect for couples is that they can still indulge in many of the same rituals as these ancient bathers. After viewing the Roman Baths and its antique pump house, visit the Thermae Bath Spa, which is the modern version. Just across the block, you can dip your toes (well, your entire body) in these same warm waters, whether in the facility’s spectacular rooftop pool (perfect for sunsets) or one of its two thermal baths.

Couples can choose from a number of unique packages, including massages for two followed by a delicious lunch. The historic Cross Bath, an 18th-century open-air facility that can be leased for private 1.5-hour sessions, offers an unusual spa experience.

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