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What’s that sound coming out of your mouth? It’s the phrase ” Whether for an hour or an afternoon, single rider or doubled up, it’s exhilarating fun. Don’t miss out on water sport beach adventures during your stay. Here are a few of our favorite jet ski rental options in and around Miami/South Beach.

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Water Sports Miami Beach is a full-service outfitter with a stellar reputation. They have all 2019 Yamaha model jet skis in their fleet, so everything is up to date and ready to go. You’ll hop aboard and be on your way in no time because it’s conveniently located on Miami Beach. The company also provides fishing charters, snorkel adventures, parasailing, beach sport equipment rentals, and other services, so inquire about all of their offerings!


For more than a quarter-century, Miami Beach sports has been the place to rent a wave runner or jet ski, as well as provide all of your beachside needs, such as cabanas and lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, and more. They are highly convenient and will make your ride as smooth (or bumpy!) as you wish. They are located right in the heart of Miami Beach on Collins Ave. Keep an eye on Groupon because they frequently run specials.


Miami Tours and Water Adventures is another one-stop shop for all things aquatic. They provide everything from charter yachts to paddleboards, as well as everything in between. The option to take their “ultimate tour,” which jets you around Virginia Key, Downtown Miami, the port of Miami, Fisher Island, Star Island, and beyond, is a great feature of their jet ski offerings.


Miami Jet Ski Rental, as the name suggests, specializes in jet skis and everything fun you can do on them! They do more than just let you ride around in circles on Biscayne Bay (they can also take you out on the ocean), they’ll show you all around the hidden treasures of Miami’s waterways, so you’ll see the most memorable sights on one of their high-speed guided tours. You can find them Here, and don’t forget to check the site for web discounts.


When you’re looking for a dependable, well-established jet ski rental company with a fleet of watercraft that’ll have you speeding over the warm, tropical waters like a seasoned pro, head over to Miami Water Sports’ Sea-Doo jet skis. Speaking of pros, if you want to record your adventure on video, they can mount a Go-Pro camera on your jet ski and record the entire ride for you to show off to your friends. To make reservations, go to their website by clicking Here.


Finally, if you’re looking for the best deal, Check Out Groupon and see what kind of discounts on jet ski rentals they’re offering during your stay in Miami. Frequently, you’ll come across some incredible deals from some of the most well-known companies in the industry. Just make sure to read all of the fine print and check for any dates or restrictions, and you should be fine.


In general, you can expect to pay between $60 and $150 for a half-hour jet ski rental, or similar prices depending on the company or model of watercraft you choose. A hefty security deposit is frequently, but not always, required, and you’ll be given instructions on how to drive your jet ski to ensure boater safety is always observed. Some rentals include guided tours, while others simply allow you to drive around a predetermined area. Whichever route you take, you’re in for a wild and wet ride! Rent a Jet Ski and explore the waters surrounding Miami Beach!


We have some valuable tips for those of you who are riding Jet Skis for the first or second time. You can use these tips regardless of where you rent Jet Skis.

Jet Skiing is a thrilling way to explore our beautiful South Florida waterways and beaches. Riding a Jet Ski for the first time can be a little daunting. Don’t be concerned. Here are some “tried and true” tips to make your Jet Ski experience enjoyable and memorable:

You Will Require

  • Each Jet Ski rider should have a life jacket: This is an absolute must.
  • Air Horn or Whistle
  • The safety lanyard is attached to you, the operator, and will turn off the Jet Ski if you fall off.
  • Registration of Jet Skis


These are things that YOU can provide to enhance your Jet Ski Rental experience.

  • A Dry Bag to keep your belongings dry and safe.
  • Identification, such as a driver’s license, is required.
  • Goggles or Polarized Sunglasses with a strap or lanyard to keep them from flying off your face while operating the Jet Ski
  • Sunscreen. After all, this is Florida, the Sunshine State.
  • a few waters bottle


  • ALWAYS wear your life jacket because things can happen quickly on the water. It has been proven that life jackets save lives.
  • Never transport more people than the Jet Ski is rated for.
  • Never operate a Jet Ski while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Use common sense when out on the water and keep a safe distance from other vessels – Jet Skis are not as maneuverable as you might think at low speeds.
  • After sunset, do not operate a Jet Ski – Jet skis have a low profile and are difficult to see after dark.
  • When operating the Jet Ski, keep the Safety Lanyard attached to the “kill switch” – this will protect you and any passengers if you fall off the Jet Ski while it is running. This feature will also make it easier for you to swim back to the Jet Ski. We will assist you in attaching the Lanyard to your wrist, life jacket, etc. before you leave the dock.
  • Learn how to fall off a Jet Ski – It may sound ridiculous, but there is a proper way to fall off a Jet Ski. Although falling off a modern Jet Ski is extremely difficult, you may find yourself in the water with a rolled-over Jet Ski. Don’t be concerned. If you fall off and the Jet Ski rolls over, it’s best to roll it back over by following the rollover directions at the back of the Jet Ski, which we will demonstrate.
  • When attempting to get back on the rear, the nose of the Jet Ski will lift up – this is normal. When resuming your climb, use the step for your feet and one knee. Then place your other knee against the back of the craft. The Jet Ski may appear unstable or wobbly, but this is normal. Straddle the seat back to where you can drive again with the other knee on the craft. Remember that getting back on a Jet Ski is more difficult than it appears. You’re drenched and dissatisfied. Simply take your time and follow the steps. You’re going to be fine.


Most Jet Skis have similar controls that are straightforward and simple to grasp.

  • Find the ON/OFF Switch
  • Before you leave the dock, locate the fuel gauge and make sure it is full.
  • You’ll have a difficult time getting back if you don’t have any fuel.
  • Learn how to use the Jet Ski’s controls: forward, neutral, and reverse.
  • Get used to the throttle, which functions similarly to the gas pedal in your car or truck. Keep in mind that Jet Ski throttles can be extremely sensitive, so don’t get too carried away.


When it comes to operating Jet Skis, brakes and neutral are not what they appear to be. Although more and more Jet Skis have neutral and brakes, there are still some that do not. The trick with Jet Skis is that neutral is not the same as in a car or truck because Jet Skis use a direct drive with an impeller. A Jet Ski does not want to “sit still” like a car in park or neutral.

On a Jet Ski, neutral is a “bucket” that controls the thrust direction, and the neutral spot is between forward and reverse. Keep in mind that even in neutral, your Jet Ski will move slightly.

When equipped with brakes, your Jet Ski employs the same “bucket,” but it does not function in the same way that your car’s brakes do. The brakes on a Jet Ski will slow you down, but what’s really happening beneath the surface is that the bucket is slowing you down by using reverse. This is why the brake and reverse levers are the same – if you hit the brakes, you will slow down and eventually go backwards.

With these simple tips, you’ll be an experienced Jet Ski operator in no time, ready to enjoy our Jet Ski Rental experience!

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