Best Van Camping Equipment

Camping is enjoyable, but only with the proper gear. Here are some essential pieces of van camping gear if you want to make your road trip or camping experience unforgettable.

Your RV or van may serve as your sole residence for the next few days or weeks while you’re on that road trip.

This implies that while you prepare your group for the trip, you must think of every essential piece of van camping gear that will contribute to the success of your overall experience.

Life away from the conveniences of home and the city is never simple, whether you’re an experienced camper or a novice. Although it’s exciting, you must prepare well for it and make sure you have all the appropriate equipment.

To help you make sure you bring everything you need for your upcoming camping trip, we’ve put together this list of van-specific camping gear.

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The appropriate mattress is essential if you want to enjoy your entire camping vacation without getting cranky, having a stiff neck, or experiencing back pain. A good night’s sleep will guarantee that you wake up with a positive outlook and that you have enough energy for the activities of the day.

You can enjoy the greatest night’s sleep wherever you are with Milliard’s Tri Folding Mattress, which is a great van mattress alternative.

It may be folded to match the space restrictions in your camper van, and it also provides the utmost in comfort and is reputed to have some therapeutic properties.


Even on the hottest days, there is a chance that some evenings will be a little chilly and windy. And if you want to take in the breathtaking sunset, you’ll need something to keep you warm.

The Kelty Bestie Blanket is a great product for this use. The blanket is the greatest option for nesting despite the chilly nighttime breeze thanks to its cloud loft insulation.

Additionally, because to its small size, you can quickly tuck it away and store it in a small area.

Enjoy every second as you see the night’s events without having to endure the cold.


It’s not always possible to predict the weather. It’s possible for some days to be exceedingly hot and for others to be very cold.

If you don’t have the correct gear with you, these variations could ruin your camping trip.

By keeping your van insulated, insulation blinds are intended to help regulate these variances.

The device aids in preserving a cooler environment inside the van on hot days, and it aids in preserving that much-needed warmth on chilly days.

Along with enjoying the privacy these insulation blinds provide, you can easily control the temperature inside the van.


Without the correct tools, it could be difficult to pack enough food for the entire journey. However, food storage containers might become quite important in order to make the process simple. These collapsible containers provide the minimal space-consuming storage you need for your meals.

“Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers” are ideal for ensuring that you bring enough food for your camping trip and that it is properly preserved. You can more easily freeze or thaw food at any moment because they are freezer and microwave safe.

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