Best Lakes in Minnesota 2022

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and its large number of lakes is one of its most notable features. In fact, there are 11,842 lakes in the state, as well as over 6,500 natural rivers.

Minnesota has so many lakes that the options are limitless. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine which ones truly stand out from the crowd.

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This city lake is the quietest and most beautiful of all the lakes in Minneapolis. The Lake of the Isles is surrounded by a path that is ideal for walking and cycling.

There is also a road that circles the lake, providing a scenic drive. Visitors in the winter can enjoy ice skating on the lake’s surface.

Two wooded islands in the lake’s center are protected wildlife refuges that can only be seen from a distance. Some magnificent stately homes can be found on the lake’s western shore.


This freshwater lake is located in northeastern Minnesota. It is the fifth largest lake in the state, with a surface area of more than 15,000 hectares.

Lake Vermilion draws visitors not only from the state, but also from other parts of the country and beyond. This is because it is well-known for its fantastic fishing, particularly muskie and walleye fishing.

Lake Vermilion was named one of the country’s most scenic lakes by the National Geographic Society in the 1940s. It’s easy to see why, and it’s especially true at sunrise.


Because of its location in the city’s southwest, Lake Harriet is frequently used for special events. The lake is also a well-known recreational area.

There are walking and cycling trails around the lake, and many people sail on it. On a hot summer weekend, Lake Harriet’s two beaches make it especially popular.

A band shell on the lake’s northern shore provides live entertainment and snacks. There is also a pavilion where you can get out of the sun and admire the beautiful water.


This naturally occurring lake is the Mississippi River’s largest tributary. Lake Pepin is shared by Minnesota and Wisconsin, though the Minnesota side is more developed.

On the Minnesota side of the lake, there are three marinas. The Mississippi River’s only operational lighthouse is located at the entrance to one of the marinas (Lake City Marina).

Frontenac State Park is located on the lake’s shoreline and offers bird watching, camping, and hiking. Lake Pepin offers excellent fishing, with walleye, crappie, northern pike, channel catfish, and bluegill all readily available.


The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway passes through Minneapolis’ largest lake. Lake Calhoun is a lovely park surrounded by parkland and surrounded by cycling and walking trails.

This 163-hectare city lake has three beaches, all of which are swimmable. Windsurfing, cameoing, and kayaking are some of the other activities available at the lake.

Picnic areas, volleyball nets, and athletic fields are available in Lake Calhoun Park. It also houses the well-known Lake Calhoun Sailing School.

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