Best Coffee shops in Moscow.

Moscow has become famous for its opulent cafes with ornate interiors and plush furniture, where fashionable Muscovites congregate. Specialty coffee is new to the city, but there are now a few places that specialize in expertly crafted coffee. This list has it all, from specialty coffee shops to historic cafes…and everything in between! Here are some of the best coffee shops in Moscow.

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Prime is a well-established Moscow self-service restaurant chain that serves natural food and coffee at reasonable prices and comes highly recommended. It is part of the Novikov Group, which owns 55 elite high-quality cafe chains in Moscow that consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

The coffee served here is worth a try – cappuccino, espresso, and latte, all of which are popular in Russia. Aside from coffee, there are fresh juices, yogurt drinks, sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts available. Prime is the first restaurant chain to offer natural food without preservatives, food coloring, or flavor enhancers in the form of “fast-casual” restaurants. It entails quick service and high-quality meals that can be enjoyed even on the go thanks to convenient packaging. There are approximately 50 Prime cafes located throughout Moscow, including the city center. So, if you’re looking for a tasty and healthy meal with a cup of coffee, don’t pass up this opportunity!


Starbucks is a well-known American coffee shop chain with over 22,000 locations worldwide. Those in Moscow differ only slightly, if at all, from those in other megalopolises’ chain coffee shops. So, if you decide to stop by, you can expect the same level of service.

Starbucks customers are mobile, energetic hurriers and workaholics, so the company designed special no-spill cups and cardboard trays for them. Coffee can be consumed at work, in a traffic jam, on a park bench, or simply on the go. Starbucks now offers 78 thousand beverage combinations, including various types of coffee beans, milk, syrups, temperature, and so on. Hot espresso-based drinks are popular, as they can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. Please keep in mind that this is not just a “coffee to go” chain; you are always welcome to sit at a table and enjoy sandwiches and cakes.


The Costa Coffee chain originated in the United Kingdom and now has 17 locations in Moscow, the majority of which are in the city center. The level of service at Costa Coffee Moscow is comparable to that of Starbucks.

Costa Coffee strictly adheres to the original technology of slowly roasting coffee beans. This process softens the coffee’s natural harshness, neutralizes its bitterness, and provides the best taste and aroma. This Moscow coffee shop offers its customers a one-of-a-kind blend of “Mocha Italia,” which was created by the Costa brothers and is now available at all locations. It’s also worth noting that reasonable lunch prices, which include coffee or tea, toast, salad, or sandwich, usually amuse customers.

Bosco Café

Bosco Café, located on Red Square, is ideal for a coffee break after exploring the nearby sites of St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Tomb. With its sun-soaked terrace overflowing with beautiful hydrangeas, this cafe is idyllic on a summer day.


Coffeemania is regarded by Moscow residents as the best coffee shop in the city, serving exceptional specialty coffee throughout the city. The trained baristas have won a number of awards, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Russian Latte Art Championship.


This book-lined café, named after the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, has become something of a Moscow institution. Locals and tourists alike flock here for the menu’s selection of traditional Russian dishes and elaborate desserts. If you request a tour, one of the well-dressed waiters will show you around and tell you all about the café’s history.


All of the most fashionable Muscovites come here for a coffee break in between shopping in the surrounding high-end stores. From creamy cappuccinos to superior cocktails, the menu has it all.


Bar BQ café, located between Red Square and the Kremlin entrance, is a popular spot for a caffeinated drink and a bite to eat in between sightseeing. The café is always bustling with customers who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and American-inspired menu.


Café Milk, formerly a Soviet-era dairy shop selling fresh milk to locals, has recently been transformed into a café serving excellent coffee. This chic café with black and white interiors and plush furniture have become a popular hangout for area shoppers. They have a large tea menu as well as a delicious breakfast menu.


If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this café that specializes in all things sugary. Delights such as American pancakes and waffles are available all day, allowing you to stop in at any time of day. Their cake menu is as extensive as the name suggests, so there is bound to be something that appeals to you.


One Teaspoon Cafe is a smaller establishment with vintage and chic vibe. With such an interesting ambiance, it’s easy to enjoy one of their coffees in this cafe.

At One Teaspoon Cafe, try a delicious cup of their cappuccino.


The David B. Cafe is named after the legendary rock star David Bowie, and it is about as strange a connection as you can have in Moscow. Nonetheless, the coffees at David B’s are sublime, and they are known to pair exceptionally well with one of their croissants.

Get the croissant and a Flat White while admiring the David Bowie memorabilia on the walls.


Nude Coffee Wine & Bar is a shop that serves great coffees during the day and wines at night. This bar is known for having much stronger drip coffee than most others, so come here if you need something strong.

Get a strong drip coffee at Nude and pair it with a slice of their apple pie.


Vogue Cafe is where all the cool kids in Moscow go for high-end shopping and a quick, upscale coffee break. From their cappuccinos to their cocktails, this coffee shop excels at everything.

Vogue Cafe is conveniently located in the heart of Moscow, and their cappuccinos are delectable.


Kooperativ Chernyy is the place to go if you want to find a coffee shop that is passionate about the process of making richly flavored coffees. You won’t just get another cup of coffee here because they put a lot of thought into the beans they source and roast.

Come to Kooperativ Chernyy for the perfect cup of java made with a lot of Russian love.

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