8 Best Travel Audiobooks to Inspire Wanderlust In 2021

Though travel is a faraway dream in 2021, sooner or later we all will be traveling to our favorite comfort places. We know that the pandemic has taken a toll on your mental health and you are finding it hard to cope.

But guess what? You deserve a break! Even though you cannot travel in reality right now, you can at least get lost in a Road Trip or a world tour of your favorite character in a fictional travel audiobook.

Switch off your work laptop and escape into these adventurous travel sets in faraway places with beautiful and vivid descriptions. 

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On The Road

This one is an American classic tale about a thrilling road trip set in the 1950s in the United States. The entire story has been narrated with such detailing that you subconsciously almost feel like you are the one on the road trip. Narrator Will Patton has given life to this unheeding road trip in all its gritty glory flowing with a strong sense of nostalgia.

The audiobook has beautifully captured the craziness of youth and the irresistible sense of joy and chaos that road trips bring. We bet this timeless story will leave you craving for an epic life-changing trip like this one by the end of it.

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Wild Life: Travel Adventures Of A Worldly Woman

Are you a young, independent woman who wants to live life on her terms and enjoy the taste of freedom? Get some inspiration from this legendary, one-of-a-kind, award-winning travel story of this bold and strong woman who does not care about the world. Waiting for your life to take a wild turn? It just cannot get wilder than this Cruise journey around the Galapagos Islands or this safari in the Masai Mara. This woman has lived her life on this trip.

Be it pushing off an aggressive honeymooner off the sailboat into the waters of the island infested by sharks or fighting off single-handedly an African Bull Elephant to protect her toddler or licking a Monet in Paris, this lady is a super-woman. So set aside your worldly responsibilities and follow your passion for wildlife.  

A Walk In The Woods

We all love forest adventures, don’t we? There is something so exquisite and intriguing about forests that we can truly escape into them without any second feeling.

This captivating, New York Times bestseller tale is about story-teller and adventure freak, Brill Bryson who sets himself on a five-month-long journey on one of the biggest footpaths of America.

He beautifully captures in this story the thrill, the unpredictability, the fears, and the endless beauty of the wilderness. The best part of this audiobook is that it has been so beautifully narrated with such attention to detail – be it the conversation between two humans or the encounters with the wild animals that you feel like you are the part of the story too. 

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Fighting Monks And Burning Mountains: Misadventures On A Buddhist Pilgrimage

Are you stuck in your everyday boring office routine and your Travel Plans keep pending?

Meet 28 Paul Barach, who one fine day suddenly decides to escape from his boring day job and impulsively plans a trip to Japan. He sets his spontaneous journey to walk the ancient 750-mile Shikoku pilgrimage without any research whatsoever.

But the trip is not going to be so easy!

He does not know anything about the Japanese language and he did not even get a proper pair of trekking shoes. Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of this unprepared and fascinating journey of a lifetime with unplanned adventures, absurd events, and the highest dose of drama.

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A House In The Sky

Have you ever had a fantasy of being held hostage in a far, unknown country?

Experience your wild fantasy with the tale of global television journalist, Amanda Lindhout who was kidnapped when she was a little girl in Somalia, one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. We bet you won’t have such fantasies anymore!

It is a tale of captivity that fears you and breaks your heart at every moment. You will fall in love with Amanda and her evolving thought process throughout the story.

She had been held hostage literally for 460 days but still, somehow she manages to feel empathetic for her kidnappers. This tale of compassion, patience, and triumph will move every inch of your existence.

Holy Cow!: An Indian Adventure

Would you ever consider quitting your million-dollar job to travel to one of the most polluted cities on Earth?

Sarah Macdonald, the protagonist of this story, quits her job as a national radio presenter to travel to not even one of the most exquisite places but literally the chaotic city of New Delhi. 

This hilarious travelogue is all about exploring the “hidden beauty” of New Delhi and the sharp contrasts of the city. Be it the spiritual retreats and holy places or the Delhi nightclubs and war zones, she explores it all.

You will be addicted to this fun and fresh story that presents a different perspective altogether.

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One Year Chronological Bible NLT

Are you too busy to read the entire bible but want to gain knowledge in it? The Holy Bible is the secret house of gems of wisdom and the least you can do is free up 15 minutes of your day to gain a new perspective on life.

90 Bible Scholars have translated the ancient text into Modern English so that it becomes easier for normal people to comprehend the deep meaning of the Bible into episodes of 15 minutes each.

The narration is powerful and the entire experience is unforgettable. It is one of the Best Bible Audiobooks.

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Cuba Open From The Inside: Travels In The Forbidden Land

Do you have a secret desire to travel to the unknown, forbidden lands where no one usually travels to? The protagonist, Chris Messner, a photographer, is gutsy enough to travel to the isolated country of Cuba island. 

He plans an extensive trip where he beautifully captures the local people, rich culture, and the unknown history of this place. He has documented the entire journey and Kevin Haberer has narrated it with such vivid details that you can literally see the entire place in front of your eyes through their lens.


Whether you are a travel freak or an Introvert, everyone loves listening to Travel Stories. There is something so special and extraordinary about them that we instantly want to become a part of these stories. So sit with a cup of tea on your balcony and escape into these refreshing travel stories.

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