5 Valuable Lessons Travel will Teach Your Teens

Travel with teens is incredible. Once the kids hit high school, they can decide what they want to do. The places you discover and people you meet on the road can give you a whole new perspective on life and yourself. That’s something you can’t learn in a classroom.

But what if you’ve been travelling for your entire life?

Sixteen-year-old writer Kaitlin from TravelinKait.Com has been on the road since she was a baby. She’s lived in dozens of countries around the world. She says travel has taught her a lot about the word. Kaitlin spoke with Dandelion Moms to share the things she has learned through her nomadic life so far, and we’ve summarised her key points (with permission) below.

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The world is filled with a countless number of cultures, beliefs, religions, and languages- the more you learn, the more you realize is still out there to be discovered. Kaitlin has found that the more she travels, the more she realizes the world’s doors are open to her.


In her travels to far-off lands, Kaitlin has seen just how different people’s lives can be in different parts of the world. Through this, she has realized that there is no one ‘right’ way to live. Each different culture has its own vices and virtues, with things that can be learned from each.


Travelling forces you to push yourself, be that with trying new food, learning new traditions or getting by in a foreign language. Her travels have taught Kaitlin to take chances in life and live for the moment.


Travel has taught her to be grateful for the things she never fully appreciated before. Through witnessing great privilege and extreme poverty, she now sees that we should always be grateful for the beautiful lives we have.


Travel lets us see the reality of the rest of the world and that everyone, no matter where they’re from, is human. Exploring the world shows us that with compassion, each one of us can make a difference.

For more of Kaitlin’s adventures, check out TravelinKait.Com.

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