5 Tips to Help You Survive Long Travel Journeys

Traveling the world is one of the greatest luxuries of life, but we all know that the time spent journeying between destinations can be somewhat tedious.

The hours that flew by whilst you were discovering new locations become never-ending. You sit staring out of the plane window at the cloud-covered land below longing for your feet to touch the ground once again.

Despite your previous experiences, long journeys don’t have to be painful. The most important thing to do to make long-haul travel bearable is to plan in advance. Follow these five tips to help you survive:

Here are five tips to help you survive long travel journeys:

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No-one wants to listen to a crying baby, moaning teenager or the wailing person who’s afraid of flying. A good book can make time fly by but, to avoid distractions, you’ll need to bring along some earplugs. Alternatively, invest in some decent Noise-Canceling Headphones. Shut off from the outside world as you watch your favorite blockbuster movies – you can get through several on a long-haul flight! Downloading a season of your favorite TV show before you travel will provide another great way to kill a few hours. Alternatively, close your eyes, lie back and relax as you listen to a podcast or audiobook.

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ou might not be active during your journey but your body still requires adequate nutrition. Airport and service station refreshments are notoriously expensive with inflated prices, so eat a good meal before you travel and pack some light and healthy snacks. Filling your body with sugary foods will ultimately leave you feeling lethargic.

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You’ll need to stay hydrated, particularly if you’re traveling in a stuffy vehicle, so drink plenty of water and ensure you have enough to last through your journey. It’s a good idea to have headache pills with you and if you’re flying you may also want sleeping tablets.

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This isn’t about airport chic, it’s About Being Comfortable! There’s nothing worse than sitting for hours on end in an itchy jumper or with a waistband that’s digging in. The best options are loose items of clothing made from breathable fabrics. It’s also important to wear layers, as temperatures can vary greatly with air conditioning.

Even if you’re traveling to the Caribbean, dressing for the weather may mean that you’re shivering on the plane. You can always layer joggers and a cozy sweater over your shorts and t-shirt, then pop them in your carry-on bag before stepping out into the heat.

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If you’ve been traveling for several hours, you’re probably going to want to freshen up before you arrive at your destination. Wet wipes, deodorant, a toothbrush, and toothpaste are all advisable to include. You may also want to pack make-up – redoing it is another great way to pass time.

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If you’ve got kids, you’ll already know that keeping them quiet for hours on end is no easy task. Make sure that they have plenty to do. Colouring books provide a great alternative to an entire journey spent on the iPad. Traditional travel games, such as The License Plate Game, and travel-sized board games such as Scrabble are also helpful sources of entertainment. Every little thing helps!

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How do you make long travel journeys bearable?

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