5 Tips for Finding a Job Abroad

Are you dreaming of finding a job abroad and moving to a different country for a while? Working abroad can be a truly life changing experience. It will give you a chance to experience another culture and to learn about what life is like in a different country. You will meet new people, experience new things and open your mind. Also, working abroad means that rather than backpacking around the world and returning broke, you will be earning money as you go – making your long term travel plans much more realistic.

At first, the process of finding a job abroad seems complicated and intimidating – here are eight quick tips that will help.

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It’s very easy to dream and fantasise about working abroad – it’s a little bit more difficult to put the energy into making it happen.

Think of the Process Of Finding A Job Abroad as a job in itself and take it seriously. Create a folder on your computer where you can keep information and important files and get a calendar or planner where you can write down job application due dates. Plan in time to work on applying for jobs, otherwise it is easy to continue procrastinating.

What kind of jobs are available in the country where you want to work? How much do they pay? What is the cost of living like? Do your research to find out the answers to these questions before you go.


When is the last time you updated your CV? If you have been in your current job for a while, your CV is likely quite out of date. In order to give yourself the best chance, Update Your CV with all of your recent job experience, accomplishments at work and other volunteer work or projects.

However, don’t just put the traditional cliché items on your CV – be creative! If you have any travel experience, go ahead and add that as well – it shows that you can adapt to other cultures which is important when working overseas.


While sending out a CV, don’t just send the same one out to every job. Taking the time to tweak your CV and write a unique cover letter really makes you stand out. Think about how you can really sell your attributes and convince the employer that you are the right person for the job.


Working abroad will require you to apply for a visa so that you can legally work in your country of choice. If you only want to work for a year and you are under the age of 30 (35 in some countries) you could apply for a Working Holiday Visa. If you are considering working for longer, you will want to look into more permanent options for visas. For example, if you are working abroad in the USA you will need to obtain a Green Card to stay there long term.

Working abroad in the USA means you can visit Washington, DC!

Make sure that you have all of the information about your visa and that the application process is at least under way when you go for the interview. Your employer will want to know that you are going through the appropriate paperwork so that you are officially permitted to work in the country, because they don’t want to hire anyone who is there illegally.


Never underestimate the power of social media when finding a job abroad. Create a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter account and use them to connect with people working in your industry in the country you want to relocate to. Engage others in conversations and you never know… you might just meet the right person who is able to connect you with a job.

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