5 Reasons Why an Airplane Model is a Great Gift to an Aviation Enthusiast

by Lucas D

In just a blink of an eye, streets are going to be covered again with figures, lights, and lanterns. Houses are going to be filled with extravagant lights like those in the form of bright stars that blink in the beat of Yuletide songs.

The season of giving is fast approaching which also means that people will be busy again preparing and buying gifts. We can’t stress enough the hassle of deciding what gift to get especially if you’ll be giving it to a person who is an aviation enthusiast.

Just like a fork and spoon, cup and saucer, coat and tie, there are also some things that are better together and were made for each other. The same goes when it comes to each individual, there are also some great possessions that will best describe us as a person.

For instance, when someone is into arts, we tend to give this person a painting, sets of acrylic paints, tickets to a museum, or a canvass. We all have different tastes and hobbies and there are also different items that are ideal for each one of us.

How about if a person is into aircraft? Unless you have enough money to buy a real airplane, the best gift to give is an airplane model. Aside from everyone who can go buy it, it is also meant to be treasured by all aviation enthusiasts who find pleasure and delight in collecting these precious items.

If you haven’t decided yet whether to consider buying it or not then, here are some reasons why you should give it a go:

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Why an airplane model is a great gift to aviation enthusiasts

1. The airplane model is not just for kids

Flying models range from plain toy gliders made of balsa wood, paper stock, or foam polystyrene to mechanical scale models created from materials such as balsa wood, styrofoam, carbon fiber, bamboo, fiberglass, or plastic and are occasionally skinned with tissue paper or mylar covering.

Some people think that airplane models are like toys and were made just for kids to play. Aviation aficionados prove it wrong. It is for everyone. Age doesn’t really matter especially when it comes to indulging yourself in your best interests. If you are into aircraft then, this one is right for you.

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paper airplane

2. The airplane model tells great stories and histories

Regular people are not familiar with the fighter planes used in World Wars, nor those flying machines used in some Hollywood movies. These aircraft are not just made for displays, each model also tells us silent stories of wonder. 

If you are an aviation enthusiast and have a personal collection of different aircraft, then, I bet that you know the story of each model by heart, given that you took time to find it on a shelf or had it custom built. Since these models will last forever, you can also tell these stories to your grandchildren in the future.

3. The airplane model can be an addition to their airplane collection

Airplane collection doesn’t always mean figures and models. Some also like to collect vintage posters of different aircraft, aviation-inspired books, aviation-themed decorations in their houses, airplane photography or artwork, and even real-life airplanes or aircraft.

But we can’t really tell, maybe giving an airplane model to an aviation enthusiast might just give him the inspiration to also be an airplane model collector.

Collecting may either be just for fun or it may also be a way of getting extra income. Some started collecting since they want to fulfill their personal interest in life, while some are only collecting as an investment in the future.

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The Wellington’s airplane model collection

4. The airplane model fulfills dreams and tells good memories

The airplane model is not just for aviation enthusiasts. You can also give it to someone who used to be a pilot or to a friend who used to dream of becoming a flight stewardess but didn’t have the chance to pursue it.

For a retired pilot, receiving an airplane model will let him think of those good and bad memories of his flying days. It will serve as a window to his past endeavors starting from the days when he was still visioning himself soaring in the skies to the moment when he finally made it and became a remarkable pilot of his time.

For a person who has a long dream of being a flight stewardess or a cabin crew, this will serve as a reminder of her childhood dream. Though it may stir up feelings of melancholy and disappointment for not reaching her dream to be in the skies, it will still serve as a reminder of her hopeful days.

5. The airplane model lasts a lifetime

Whether you will give it as a gift or buy it for yourself, it is still best if you are going to have it custom built. Although there are already mass-produced airplane models available in the market, it is still safe if you are going to let a skilled model maker build it according to your plan.

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The main reason why custom-built models are better than those in the market is that they are not being produced by batch, which might compromise the product’s quality.

Each custom-built model takes a number of days to finish, assembled carefully detail by detail to produce a precise, meticulous finish! And if it was made with great quality materials and by the best craftsmen, it will surely last a lifetime.

On a final note…

There are a lot more reasons why you should consider giving an airplane model as a gift to an aviation enthusiast. Whether you want them to remember you just by simply looking at the model displayed on the shelf or you just want it to be an addition to their collection, you should definitely give it a go! There are also other special items to give that they will also be thankful for.

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