5 Accessories for Your First Glamping Holiday

Camping is a great affordable way to take a well-deserved break and spend some time reconnecting with nature. Whether you’re building your tent in your back garden or wild forest, it gives you the chance to spend quality time admiring your surroundings.

If you’re someone who likes the fundamental idea of camping, and at the same time, wants to make the experience more attractive, we’ve put together our 5 favorite accessories to turn a camping trip into your first glamping trip.

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What makes a good tent? Well, that is entirely up to you and the sort of camping trip you’re after. Do you think you’ll be stopping for regular short breaks? Maybe a pop up is the best tent for you. Perhaps you’ll be traveling with your family or with a group? A family tent will suit you perfectly.

If you’re short on time, or maybe if you’re pitching in the dark, an inflatable tent will take you minutes to put up. If you’re looking for a more extended trip to something you can pitch for a good few days or weeks, you could invest in a large bell tent.

Reading up on the Different Tent Types can massively impact on how stress-free the basis to your glamping trip is.


Think of the awning as the extension of your house. It involves building a structure with canvas and frames to create a porch-like living space. If you’re trying to glam-up your current tent, an awning is a surefire way to have a cozy outdoor area to eat meals and relax with friends.

If you’re looking to spice up your caravan, and traditional poled awnings feel like a lot of construction work for a glamping experience, you could research Air Awnings which inflate in less than a minute.

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After building the base of your tent, your next step should be thinking about your bedding. This is a tricky one to get right as you’re likely to be traveling light. An air bed is an excellent option if you need something to fold away, and there are some now that come with built-in pumps – no loud air pumps required!

As convenient as an air mattress is, they aren’t the most comfortable choice for a glamping trip. A mattress topper can provide support on top of a camping bed and help you get a five-star sleep, while a memory foam mattress could be used on its own if you’ve got the space for it folded up.

Worried about sleeping in a hot tent? In the heat, you can use natural cooling pads under your pillow and body, and in the winter a thermal blanket can turn a night of sleep from uncomfortable to luxurious.


A portable gas stove is a fantastic way to cook hearty meals without having to wrestle with logs for a fire. They can usually be packed away into neat boxes, and allow you to fry, boil, steam, and sometimes grill. If you’re on the lookout for luxury recipes, we’ve found a great list of Meals For The Perfect Glamping Trip.


Now you’ve got a good base for a luxury trip, it’s time to start decorating! This can help make your glamping experience feel as fancy as you like. Battery-powered fairy lights are a cost-friendly way to add some warmth to your tent.

You can get different colors or shapes and can use clothes pegs to help attach them to your tent fabric or caravan window sills. For exterior decoration, some colorful bunting can be wrapped around your temporary home, and some bright cushions can be scattered around the bed for a homely touch.

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Hopefully, this is a good starting point on the additions you can make to your tent or caravan that turns your camping trip into a glamping trip. Whether you want just to add a few accessories to a pre-planned trip, or go all out and build an awning from scratch, just a few touches can make you feel pampered.

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