10 safest destinations for solo female travelers

Without a doubt, I believe that a woman’s place is wherever she wants to be. While the fight for equal rights in the world is making progress, traveling alone remains an act of defiance. It is not difficult to find countries where incidents of violence against women are still prevalent, which intimidates female travelers to some extent (and with good reason).

I long for the day when women will no longer need to seek out recommendations for safe places to visit when traveling alone. While this isn’t always the case, I believe some nations are safer for female tourists than others.

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of ten places where solo female travel can be an unforgettable experience. Does this imply that these locations are completely secure? Obviously not. They are, nevertheless, far safer and calmer than others in our experience and according to research.

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For a first solo journey, the most usually recommended destination is your own country. Even women from countries where it is traditionally considered unsafe for women to travel alone (Egypt, India, Morocco) continue to suggest their home country to their peers.

This is because the larger the cultural dissonance and shock between one’s own culture and that of the destination, the greater the felt risk, even if the destination is far safer than where one lives.

Taking a first solo journey is intimidating; it needs guts, bravery, and self-confidence, and these requirements are heightened in a nation where we don’t know the language, would require a foreign currency, or where the food and culture are different from our own.

We are afraid of the unfamiliar and prefer the familiar, therefore we consider our own country to be a safer option, even if we reside in the most hazardous areas in terms of crime. As a result, our own country is the finest choice for a first solo trip.

Furthermore, many seasoned solo travelers will advise newcomers to take it slow and easy at first, taking single-day trips to a nearby place, then upgrading to a weekend break, and lastly an international journey.

Competence breeds confidence, and traveling within our own country eliminates many of the unknowns, making your first solo trip a lot more bearable.


Australia, located on the opposite side of the globe from Spain, is another country with a lot to offer any traveler, as well as a population of English speakers who are recognized for being friendly.

The country’s high perceived level of safety, the equitable treatment of women, little risk of harassment, and the fact that it is on many people’s bucket list all work in Australia’s favor.

Except for Kiwis and Pacific Islanders, Australia is a long-haul trip that necessitates a long-haul journey, careful logistics planning, and a large travel budget for most individuals.

As one of the world’s largest countries, Australia is difficult to navigate, but most visitors opt to stay in cities with decent public transportation or rent a car to explore at their leisure.

During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the country was blocked from international travelers, but it is now available for business.


From the history, architecture, food, and beaches of Barcelona to the museums of Madrid, the culture of the south, the landscapes of the north, and the many UNESCO sites, Spain has something for everyone. No matter what style of traveler you are, you will find your ideal trip in Spain.

In addition, Spain boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is one of the most open-minded countries when it comes to attitudes toward women. The country boasts a vibrant LGBTQ+ community with widespread acceptance, is one of the most equal societies in the world, and has a populace that is accustomed to tourism, which accounts for roughly 12% of GDP.

Spain is also one of Western Europe’s most economical countries, with accommodations for all budgets. You can stay in hostels, take public transit, and eat at markets and low-cost restaurants, or you can treat yourself to a luxurious vacation and pamper yourself.

If you live in Europe, a first solo trip to Spain is a no-brainer and our favorite location in Barcelona. Take a low-cost flight and enjoy your first single trip.


Thailand is widely regarded as one of the greatest solo travel locations; it is a very tourist-friendly country, with tourism accounting for 20% of GDP, low levels of harassment and assault, high levels of safety, and pleasant inhabitants.

The appeal of the country does not end there. Thailand’s rich history, numerous beaches, and numerous postcard-perfect locations made famous by movies and full moon parties all add to the country’s status as a dream destination for many.

Thailand is an excellent spot to begin solo travel. While it is not as well-organized or as simple to navigate as other of the Western countries on our list, the people’s friendliness, the thriving solo travel community, and its affordability make it an excellent destination for anyone willing to let go and go with the flow.


In our poll, the United Kingdom is rated highly as a wonderful destination for first-time solo female travelers. Everyone speaks English, which makes most things easier for travelers, and the infrastructure is excellent, with train service throughout the country and inexpensive low-cost flights.

London contributes to the United Kingdom’s high ranking on the list of the finest countries for a woman’s first solo vacation. The city is one of the most visited in the world, and it’s a terrific place to start if you’re new to solo travel.

It offers enough to keep you occupied for days, is astonishingly easy to navigate, and caters to a wide range of interests. It is also quite cosmopolitan, with the English being known for their friendliness.

It is easy to meet people in London because there are so many tourists and the city is so multi-cultural. Simply walk into a pub and get a drink, and you’ll strike up a discussion with someone.


It offers fantastic food, numerous UNESCO sites, and a rich cultural legacy, and no matter what you enjoy doing on vacation, Italy can accommodate you.

The land is rich in amazing sites that will capture anyone’s imagination, especially women’s. Italy has risen to the top of the list for solo female travelers, whether on their first or next solo trip, thanks to books like Eat, Pray, Love and the recent discovery on Instagram of iconic destinations like Cinque Terre that have become tourist case studies.

It is romantic and has a “Je ne sais quoi” that attracts women from all over the world. It is easy to go around by car or rail and can occupy days with exploration; it is friendly and has a “Je ne sais quoi” that attracts ladies from all over the globe.

No other country was unanimously loved as a first-time solo travel destination and as a bucket list country in our solo female travel survey.

Europeans may just hop on a low-cost flight and visit for the weekend, and the country’s numerous airports make it accessible to anybody.

However, not everyone agrees that Italy is secure for solitary female travelers, and some areas are safer than others. Tourist hotspots like Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan are generally safe options, and while theft does occur occasionally, the tourism engine is well-oiled.

With wonderful food, romance, love stories, and incredible culture, Italy continues to grab the imagination of solitary female travelers. Take the usual precautions and have fun.


For lone female travelers, Japan is one of the most mystical, mythological, and fascinating places. It is a remarkably safe country, with virtually little crime, which makes it a particularly enticing place for ladies traveling alone for the first time.

Outside of the two major towns of Tokyo and Kyoto, the nation is diverse and relatively unexplored. Mountains, archipelagos, delectable cuisine, a rich history, and unique cultural features all entice the most intrepid travelers.

Women can walk down the street without fear of being harassed, robbed, or scammed. Despite the language barrier, Japanese people are friendly and courteous, and tourists are always welcomed.

On the other hand, Japan is one of the most costly nations to visit and move around, and while it is well-connected, the Tokyo subway system is notorious for being a maze where visitors get lost.

Japan is a country that many people admire. If safety is your top priority, Japan and Singapore are the finest places to visit on your first solo vacation.


Singapore, along with Japan, is one of the world’s most costly countries, but it is also one of the safest. In Singapore, crime is non-existent, views toward women are equal to those toward men, and I have never witnessed theft, scams, or harassment in my ten years here.

Women will discover Singapore is one of the greatest places to visit on your first solo trip. It’s small, easy to navigate, has excellent infrastructure, excellent public transit, and much to do.

Singapore is an excellent place to start your travels in Asia because it is quite multicultural. Spend some time in Little India or Chinatown to get a feel for the cultures of those countries. You can go visit one of the tropical forests or enjoy the beaches or the various man-made architectural wonders.


Because of the low cost of living, friendliness to outsiders, and generally safe atmosphere, the Island of Gods boasts a huge number of ex-pats who have chosen to make it their home.

Bali is synonymous with spirituality, yoga, and wellness among travelers, and nowhere else will you find such a strong emphasis on fresh cuisine, veganism, and vegetarianism than in Bali. Bali’s varied range of alternatives, from waterfalls to beaches, mountains to active volcanoes, is enhanced by the growth of temples, organic eateries, and retreats.

Locals are welcoming, enthusiastic about tourism, and open-minded. Despite the fact that Bali is part of mainly Muslim Indonesia, 90% of the population follows Balinese Hinduism, which differs from Hinduism in India but shares the same ethos.

Affordability is another factor that favors Bali as a first-time single female travel location. Indonesia is a favorite digital nomad location since it is fairly affordable and allows you to travel for lengthy periods of time without breaking the budget. Renting a scooter and eating locally saves money, and the huge range of lodging options includes everything from $5 hostels to $500 luxury hotels.


The Nordic countries of Europe all rank first in terms of gender equality, female rights, and minority rights. Iceland ranks first in terms of gender equality, followed by Norway, Finland, and Sweden, which also rank first in terms of LGBTQ+ rights.

They are also all very developed and fair societies with a high level of living and welfare that is universally available and cherished. The Nordic countries all have extremely high levels of safety and crime, as well as a low danger of fraud or harassment, making them ideal destinations for women traveling alone.

They also have very long, dark, and harsh winters due to their physical location, are culturally reserved and silent, and are not viewed as hospitable as the other countries on this list.

If safety is a worry, you have a lot to explore with low to no risk throughout these 5 countries, not to mention that some, like Iceland, have become true bucket-list destinations for many.


New Zealand is one of the most sought-after travel destinations, and it has been on many people’s bucket lists for years since The Lord of the Rings brought attention to its vast and stunning landscapes. Its distant and difficult-to-reach setting has long been a fantasy destination for many people.

New Zealand is a terrific location for first-time solo female travelers since it is very safe, equal, and respectful of women, has a solid infrastructure, and pleasant locals, all of which are qualities that all women traveling alone value in a place.

Because of this, and because of its geographic position, New Zealand is not a good choice for a first solo vacation because it needs a lot of planning, driving alone, and a broader set of skillsets than other nations on this list.

Women who are taking their first solo travel can consider New Zealand. It does, however, take time and money, and unless you are from a Pacific island or Australia, it is a destination to visit for a longer period of time.

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