10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

Dubai is not only the UAE’s most populated city, but it is also known for being a family-oriented place. There are plenty of things to do in Dubai with kids – from mesmerizing gardens and indoor ice-skating to haunted attractions and wildlife sanctuaries. Read on to find out exciting ways to explore Dubai with kids.

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10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

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Dubai Garden Glow gets its name from the many glittering lights that make up this truly inspiring piece of land. The garden is filled with colorful lights and installations created by artists from all over the world. Made out of recycled material, the garden aims to bring awareness to important issues affecting the world including global warming and our carbon footprint.

Included within the Dubai Garden Glow are four different sections.

Take your kids for a walk through Glow Park and stare up at the millions of energy-saving bulbs that decorate the space around you. Your kids will really enjoy the Dinosaur Park where they’ll be able to observe 120 animatronic dinosaurs and how life-like they will appear.

Prepare yourself for a surreal experience when you visit Ice Park and gaze at the stunning ice sculptures knowing that you are in the middle of the desert. Magic Park is a visually stimulating world of optical illusions and magical surroundings that your little ones are sure to fall in love with.

Dubai Garden Glow has a lot more to offer on top of the glowing lights including acrobatic performances for you and your children to enjoy. If you or your kids get hungry, you can have some street-style food from food trucks that offer hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and more!


Mattel Play! Town is just the place to go when you’re searching for fun things to do in Dubai with kids. Inside this funhouse, children will be able to get in touch with their creativity and have different outlets to play and explore it without being hindered.

Best of all they’ll be learning about life and building social skills without even knowing it because to them it will feel just like they are playing and having fun!

Mattel Play! Town is divided into 5 different zones that include Fireman Sam, Barney the Dinosaur, and Bob the Builder.


If you’re lucky enough to live or visit Dubai with kids, you’ll be exposed to numerous fun and unique places. Adventureland is an indoor theme park that your kids won’t ever get bored of. Enjoy the thrilling rides and attractions while on the inside and away from the heat!

There are rides and games for people of all ages. A great feature is the soft play area for the younger kids to have fun and play together safely.

One thrilling ride is the Kukulcan, which is a bullet-speed roller coaster. Prepare yourself for sudden drops and 300 meters of winding tracks. Or try out the Crazy Swing, where you will be launched into the air every which way as you sit on swing-like seats.

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For some less intense rides,  Adventureland offers your family bumper cars, a forest train, and rock climbing. 


Do you and your kids enjoy jump scares and other haunted attractions? Hysteria is just the place for you. You’ll find yourself screaming and yelling as you walk through this haunted house. This is the first haunted attraction in Dubai so make sure to add it to your list of things to do in Dubai with kids.

The best thing about this haunted house is that you don’t just walkthrough, but you’re also trying to solve the mystery that haunts its ghosts. Your mission, as you attempt to dodge the creepy crawlies and scary ghosts, is to join the search for missing children. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself inside horror-filled rooms and halls as you feel evil spirits are chasing you.


Inside the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, you’ll find the Dubai Ice Rink. What better way to escape the desert heat than take your kids for a spin around the rink. This Olympic-sized ice rink spans an impressive 1500 square meters and stands at 60 meters x 30 meters.

You and your kids will have the option to join any of the sessions that you’re interested in or you can choose to sign up for skating lessons at an additional cost. Lessons can be private, semi-private or group lessons that are each taught by expert instructors. Once you complete a class, you’ll be awarded a certificate.

Some sessions that are featured at the Dubai Ice Rink include Public, Freestyle Skating, DJ Night Disco, and Dubai Snowfall. 


Dubai with kids usually means a combination of entertainment and learning. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Santuary is a great place for them to explore and discover new things. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the few protected areas in the surrounding desert zone.

Bring the kids to walk around this 6.2 square km sanctuary and explore the many different species of animals and plants located within. Bird watching is also available in three designated areas that allow you to be hidden but also see the wildlife close up. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the wildlife.


One of the things to do in Dubai with kids is to visit the D3 neighborhood and hang out at The Block. It’s a terrific place to work on fitness or just sit down outside and relax with your coffee as your kids play.

There are many different activities to choose from including a skate park, basketball court, volleyball court, wall climbing, or you can just enjoy the beach. If you’re looking for something a little less active, then you can take your pick from the many different cafes and restaurants in the area.

On a day where you’re just looking for an escape and for a place where your kids can let off some steam, then The Block is a perfect fit. You can choose to relax and enjoy the fresh air or get fit and work on your athletic abilities.


The philosophy behind Sky Zone Dubai is that people need to play and find a way to do it that is beneficial to the mind and body. This indoor trampoline park is the perfect workout for your kids while they build skills and have fun at the same time.

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They can choose from the different attractions offered or they can join the Warrior Academy if they meet the requirements.

Freestyle Jump is where they can let loose and enjoy the wall-to-wall trampolines. Skyslam is all about playing basketball while using the trampolines to jump higher and dunk harder.

They can also play dodgeball or go zip lining if that interests them. If they join the Warrior Academy, they’re in for a treat. An expert trainer will guide them through a 3-week course where they can build their warrior skills and increase confidence, strength, and balance.


Enter this challenging adventure park that’s located inside the BurJuman Mall. Divided into four zones, you and your kids will be able to build on your physical stamina as you engage in breathtaking activities and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Climb the 20-meter high rope course and feel the exhilaration of looking down as you hover over a 3-floor deep void. Or move over to the other side and zoom down a 20-meter zip line that’s set over another void to keep the thrill level high! Show off your endurance and balancing skills as you scale the climbing wall and overcome challenges and obstacles along the way.


Magic Planet is a family-friendly destination that you don’t want to forget. Located inside the Mall of Emirates, it’s an indoor theme park with lots of games, activities, and thrilling rides that are spread out over two floors. UAE’s first 4D cinema was built right here.

No matter how old your kids are, they will find something just for them. There are plenty of play areas for younger kids. And for you and your older kids, you can choose from pool tables, bowling, and other arcade games. You don’t want your kids to leave without passing by the trampoline area and bouncing around to express any pent up energy. 


This glamorous city is filled with culture, fun, and luxury. Visiting and experiencing Dubai with kids is truly action-packed. You won’t be disappointed!

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